The Story of Aaron Swartz

This documentary has been mentioned here before, but deserves it’s own post.

One takeaway for me is the question, how are we going to free all that publicly funded data, that is being monetized by corporations.

1:37:45 “He was the internet’s own boy and the ‘Old World’ killed him”

…and then right there at 1:38:31 they capture the very symbol of the ‘Old World’ - ‘The Sun Hieroglyph’ haha nicely done.


I think non private data has a natural state and that is free to access for anyone, all we need to do is provide for that natural state to be allowed. This is a really good video and shows the shock and ‘from the hip’ type response of mid managers who are not used to having to actually think things through (in my opinion). I hope a lesson was learned from it all. It needs to be.

Knowing there is science and knowledge out there that in the right hands could provide cures, efficiency savings and much more. and it never will unless we can afford to read it, it madness.


Even when people read stuff, it’s sometimes a mystery what they are reading.
This speech is actually from 2012, I wonder how things are now?

Maybe IBMs Watson should read the publications and everybody should be FORCED to publish their findings. (When human lives depend on it, people should be FORCED). This is where BIG DATA can be put to good use, instead of using it to advertise/spy on people.


This again is due to papers and research being closed and only released in line with a marketing and manipulative machine to force profits to increase at the cost of human life. To me this is a way of market manipulation we need to stop very quickly, the actual researchers must feel terrible.


The Story of Aaron Swartz does not discuss IBM Watson, Advertising, Spying or ‘forcing people’ to do anything.

Lets not get sidetracked from the important activism that Aaron was involved in. These guys stopped some nasty legislation and showed the way to get the attention of politicians.

Good point Chris, I was meaning forcing people to pay for content and content providers to stay in line with the status quo, not so much advertising etc. but maintenance of the status quo and using that to stop any attack on copyright legislation. By default I think this is just part of the “we are the rulers” and you cannot stop us making laws we want to pass for whatever reason (corporate manipulation comes in here).

In terms of the politicians, I believe this did help, but I also believe the sand filled in straight away and we returned to the status quo. I seen this in the UK recently where they passed emergency snooping laws in such a short time that nobody could really get together and get the politicians attention. This is the issue, the sand has filled in, now terrorism etc. is used to prevent even this kind of activism.

I think it needs real tech based solutions to just make this kind of market manipulation and political manipulation to control the value creators (the poor) just become much harder. Our legislatures are failing us left and right. At the moment there is a significant “trade agreement” going through back channels that will allow large corporations to reach well beyond their own borders and beyond the law of member states that sign up to this (UK will I am sure sign up).

So I agree, this story has a specific story to tell, but I feel its part of a much larger picture and linked to many other systems controlled by people who should not necessarily be in control.


George Carlin explains bluntly:

We have the ultra secret Trans-Pacific Partnership going down in this part of the world, not sure if the UK would be involved with that one.

Trying to do an end run around sovereignty it seems.

Exactly the same in Australia, used to be the yellow peril, now it’s terrorists.

It’s the only hope we have I think David, I really hope you guys can keep attracting quality people to help out. Bitcoin has been great in a way, getting a lot of Devs into the industry…once the worm turns, you should surely be attracting some of that talent.


It’s a shame that even the audience doesn’t take this seriously; people watch this mostly and are laughing there is truth in the air, though it is through comedy, so it must be a joke… He’s joking right? Yeah he’s on stage and everyone is laughing… it’s okay let’s keep up with the day job and do much of nothing and keeping getting screwed;


Cool going to meet Cory Doctorow soon

I absolutely don’t take it lightly what Aaron did and what was done to him.

Data is not tangible;

Is it possible the “death by hanging” is a realization of betrayal. No one can reason with unreasonable deranged persons. There is no sense in trying either. it is dangerous. each word could and will be used against you and everyone; hmmm

Silence sometimes is golden.

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Force should never be applied. Person A is not obligated to help Person B. And if Power C applies force on Person A to compell said assistence then resentment builds and whatever empathy Person A had for Person B wanes. Moreover then you have a coercive power dynamic between A and C and given the human desire to be free the more power C applies on A the more resentment and rebellious force that A will return on C, and likely spill over onto B as the protectorate of C.

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I asked nicely to keep the discussion on topic.

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You may have missed much of the propaganda streaming out of the US via mainstream media over the past few years, or worse still, you may have accepted it as truth. Lately this propaganda has increased intensity to justify all sorts of falsities ranging from manipulation in market prices of currencies, financial instruments, securities, commodities, economic statistics, threat risks, demonization of Russia/Vladimir Putin and global geo-political disruption. These manipulations, the rewriting of history and increased surveillance of all forms of human communication together with militarisation of local police are clearly all parts of a desperate attempt to remain the indispensable Exceptional Nation American exceptionalism - Wikipedia, a term derived from its earlier concept of Manifest Destiny, Manifest destiny - Wikipedia . An alliance to this neo-con controlled Washington monster will surely draw the entire planet into WWIII with the most destructive consequences imaginable. But without the support of its present vassal nations it will quickly become powerless and hopefully learn to be a good citizen of the World.

The Fed and its vassal central banks are presently in a desperate fight to maintain hegemony and as the American economy collapses it is bringing the entire global financial system with it. Our job is to build a Safe system for currency, commerce and communication for the entire World and perhaps thereby the people will for the first time in history achieve what Aaron Swartz fought for.

John Seale

Well, I don’t watch television or read newspapers, but I do have a well curated RSS feed. So I do get quite a diverse view of what’s happening on the economic front.

Designed and implementing now, so all good.

SAFE will surely offer a great chance for humanity to unite and claim/ reclaim ownership.



Watch IBM’s Virginia Rometty say things that parallel what you suggested to a eerie extent. Maybe you watched this: - YouTube

This is in the spirit what Aaron was fighting against. II know the IBM balance sheet seems not to please worthless Wall St. right now but they just spent 1 billion more on Watson and added 2000 more researchers and a new division and said its the second fundamental change in the firms history. Consider the types of claims they are making for it. But tied up in that seems to be the idea that if you want to use Watson or whatever falls under IBM’s patent purview that you will need to let it spy on you and let it feed you ads based on the slavery/censorship of sponsorship- note Virginia’s reference to Ad Age and IBM as now being ostensibly the biggest Ad agency. Note the bit where Watson will suggest to a physician at the end of the session which new toxic drug trial to enroll their patients in. Ironic when Watson was originally a way to get a less resource intensive search by culling or parsing the front end question more efficiently. How could ads or sponsor money ever come into or improve the efficiency and accuracy of a system that you can ask direct questions of and expect to get amazingly direct answers or references from? They can’t, that’s the old dead model.

IBM isn’t the first. MS has been destroyed by chasing after sponsorship, this is what Wall St. always wants (push cable because its a sponsors enclosure power consolidating model) and MS wasted valuable time and resources with its acquisition of the trash company Yahoo. It destroyed its Xbox brand with trying to track eyes to ads. Big was more useless ad chasing. Anyone who used Yahoo could instantly see it was utter trash- totally dishonest. Amazon is starting to do the same, its home page is increasingly littered with sponsor trash indicating its becoming confused about who its customers are and becoming weak. GM, rely on ads, and decrease substance and quality to pursue short term profit in the face of Japanese competition that relentlessly focused on quality.

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Please people this thread is about Aaron Swartz, if you can look at The Internet’s Own Boy.

We should remember him for his hard work for freedom and through projects in his honor

Nice sentiment @19eddyjohn75 , not sure Namecoin was one of Aaron’s projects, could be wrong on that though.

I believe you have a project along similar lines to Namecoin…do you have any updates on that one.

As far as I know he didn’t work on Namecoin, but he inspired Okturtles (DNSChain) and nothing looks more cool/cute in the tech world, than Aaron Swartz wearing a Turtles T-shirt.

We’re gonna wait a little with Icanndy, actually we’re waiting on an algorithm that will make POW obsolete. Cryptonite solved the problem of Blockchain bloat, so we’re happy with that.

When/if our dns comes out, it will have:

  • POS
  • Registration till infinity (your domain name will out live you)
  • Super cheap € 0,01
  • Future plans are gTLD
  • Built in Escrow, if I send you a domain it includes how many coins I want for it. When you pay me the domain is released.
  • Built in domain bidding mechanism
  • We were thinking of the client being a browser