The SUCCESS of The Safe Network (and why I feel that success is ASSURED)

There is a “cold war style” arms race building, only it is not an arms race of nuclear weapons, but an arms race of algorithmic weapons within an information war between those who value things such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, your right to privacy, etc vs those who consider anything that might threaten the profits of major corporate interests to be “hateful / harmful material”. As Benjamin Franklin once said: those who would sacrifice liberty for safety, deserve neither and will loose both.

Ironically, an Orwellian nightmare can only succeed if the masses are falling for the deception. Thankfully, as Princess Leia once said to Governor Tarkin in regards to the increasing tyranny of the Galactic Empire on Star Wars: “the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers” and we are seeing real life tyranny having this exact same effect that Leia warned the Imperial overlords about.

What the big boys at the top have failed to realize, is that most of the business world is comprised of small to mid sized corporations that are harmed by and thus feel threatened by increases in tyranny. Though these smaller empires are not without their own sense of personal greed, they are protective of their own business ventures and they understand that the more their customers are being harmed, the more money their own businesses lose.

Things such as The YouTube Purge have done massive financial harm to small to mid sized businesses. The increasingly totalitarian measures on Facebook have done major harm to the capability for a business to get their content out to their viewers, due to algorithms that cripple the delivering of content to the demographics who have chosen to subscribe to that content.

The more harm done to the customers, the more harm is done to the economy as a whole. The big boys at the very top fail to realize that they have something similar to a gambling addiction or being an adrenaline junky. They always want more and more, and no matter how much they get: their insatiable appetites are never satisfied. Just like any other sort of addiction, all addictions lead to the self-destruction of those who have the addiction. So the big boys at the top do not realize that in the long term, they are slitting their own throats right along with everyone else’s.

This is where desperation breeds genius and burden becomes opportunity.

With the increase of desperate desire to regain the freedom and liberty to communicate, express and do business freely in the wake of those who would seek to cripple people’s ability to do so: SafeNet will become an increasingly “easy sell”. It will NOT be hard to win over those who are the most immediately and desperately effected by what the world is becoming. This will create a rapid growth of SafeNet and we will see a growth that is exponentially faster than the growth of anything humanity has ever seen prior.

In the wake of this expansion, there will be one important question on everyone’s minds: what if big corporate-controlled governments decide to outright BAN the use of SafeNet?

There is a very good reason why this can not and will not happen. It would set such a nasty precedent that it would risk the big boys losing the control they currently have and value, and they know it. I’ll explain what I mean by this.

In the past, there have been movements (by corporate interests) to make VHS Recorders and Cassette Tape Recorders, illegal. There have been movements to make CD Burners and DVD Burners, illegal. There have been movements to make Video Capture Cards for computers, illegal. There have been movements to make video cameras, illegal. There have been movements to make file transfer protocols such as BitTorrent (and other peer-2-peer technologies), illegal. All attempts have failed instantly and utterly, and with good reasons.

The ability to record and transfer information in and of itself, is not exclusively good or bad. It can be used both productively and abusively. Once you set a precedent that a tool can be banned on the premise that it “could possibly” or “sometimes is” used maliciously – you set a precedent that allows for anything and everything to be banned on a whim. A precedent that would expand well beyond simple tools and to include making any opinions, philosophies, ideologies, spiritual beliefs and emotional states, illegal. It could easily even go so far as to make it illegal to disagree with someone. It would have the potential to get so far out of control that it could potentially create the sort of civil unrest that even the corporate powers who assume they be would not be capable of quelling.

So even the big boys at the top know enough to know that it would not be in even their best interests to set such a precedent.

The only thing the big boys at the top could possibly try to do, is destabilize the people who are developing SafeNet using psychological warfare tactics to get them divided against each other so that they can not cooperate. At this stage of the game I see that as unlikely. Maidsafe has become an established multi-million dollar company run by driven and determined freedom-loving individuals who understand all too well the exact things I am explaining here.

So this post is not for them because to them, I am preaching to the choir as I make known the obvious that the sky is blue.

This post is for those who are newly awakening to the increasing madness in this world and are asking the question “how is SafeNet going to succeed against seemingly insurmountable odds?”

In my humble opinion: we will reach Alpha 4 in 2018. We will reach open public beta in 2019. And in 2020: unprecedented feats of AWESOME shall be the stuff of legend!

Though I am new to SafeNet, I am not new to technology and am not new to the geopolitical stage. Back in the 1990s there was talk about platforms such as this. Spoken of in such a way as one might speak of “maybe Star Trek will be real one day”. Spoken of as futurism at best, and science fiction in the least. The future is here, it is science, but it is no longer fiction.

So brace yourself. Epic Awesomeness is coming soon.


Really well said and inspiring. Thanks.


This is true. Also Capitalism in America has been left largely unchecked. It is now running wild. It is starting to consume itself. Corporations in America are hollowing themselves out. True growth in the economy is negligible. The devil is in the detail. The latest GOP tax break for corporations has allowed companies to buy back thier own shares. CEOs want big Christmas bonuses, so the are artificially raising thier stock prices. This means the money originally intended to grow companies, and hence, the economy is being used to pad the pockets of CEOs. Meanwhile as this wild tax feast is going on, the government will have to barrow big time, to pay for government, as the trillions the corporations are getting need to be covered.This is creating the biggest debt bubble in history. When the bubble pops, I hope the SAFE network will be up and running, and safecoin ready to save us all from the avalanching crushing economy.


Normally I agree with you, but the US is seeing very significant growth these days approaching 4%gdp. Assets=liabilities + stockholders equity; basic accounting so please let me know how higher taxes help? Corporation taxes utilmatley are a tax on consumers…

Your response is confusing. Where exactly did anyone make any claim that higher taxes are in any way helpful? I didn’t say that and I’m not seeing any responses from anyone else saying that, either. What am I missing?

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Though I do not disagree with anything you said there, my intention was NOT to turn this thread into a debate about the good / evil of any sort of *.olicic, *ology or *.ism. Which is what I notice these sorts of things ultimately devolve into when people get too deep into the good / evil / whatever of Capitalism. People split into pro / anti Capitalism debate teams and that sort of division on the Internet only empowers the narcissistic elites.

The beauty of SafeNet is that it is looking at things from a technology infrastructure perspective instead of an *.ology or *.ism or *.olitic. Because code is code, and code that works, works, and code that does not, does not. And in this day and age, code determines economy more than anything else, because we are no longer living in the 20th Century.

No political, ideological, economic or any other system is worth anything without reliable infrastructure and reliable infrastructure is what SafeNet is. It is high time that we view things from the perspective of engineers, technicians and programmers – rather than bureaucrats and fundamentalists.

The old systems, like any diaper – served us well for the time it was needed, but just like no human is supposed to remain a baby forever, no species is supposed to remain a baby forever, either. It is time to go from an immature survival-minded society to a creative, innovative, mature and responsible civilization that thinks with a critical head, guided by a mature heart. It is time for humanity to grow up.

“Do not fight the old, build the new and render the old obsolete” -Buckminster Fuller


Thank you! It is appreciated!

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I only skimmed the 1st paragraph of your writing. I was responding to @Michael_Hills. From my interpretation of his overall context, I think my response is logical. Maybe it is a comment better for a different thread, not trying to hijack your topic.

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He can feel free to correct me if he feels I am wrong, but all @Michael_Hills was saying, is that CEOs have been embezzling company money into their own personal pockets, instead of actually putting it into the company where it beings. I don’t see how being against corporate fraud in any way directly correlates to suggesting that corporations need higher taxes. [shrug]

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I interpret his response differently.[quote=“Michael_Hills, post:3, topic:24235”]
True growth in the economy is negligible. Th

I normally dont like using quotes as I feel the overall context is more important, but that is a bold statement considering the current US markets… I was not trying to be negative or curve your topic.

@Dwieluns2 I acknowledge the fact that you are not trying to be negative, nor are you attempting to curve my topic. I am simply admitting / confessing that I genuinely do not see how “True growth in the economy is negligible.” equates directly to mean “taxes on corporations need to be raised”.

If you don’t know how to explain to me how one directly means the other to you, that is fine to admit that you do not know how to explain that to me, if indeed you do not know how to. I am merely being honest about the fact that I personally am not able to see or understand a connection of those concepts.

To me, he is saying that corporate fraud is taking away from the economy. I literally have no idea as to how this could possibly be the same as saying “corporate taxes need to be raised” and I am just admitting that it is the truth that I personally do not see how it could mean that in any context. I am admitting / confessing that I personally neither see, nor understand, how one could mean the other. If you wish to explain to me HOW one connects to the other, please do. If you do not wish to explain it to me, of course you have no obligations to do so and I am not trying to boss you around.

I am simply being honest that my mind, for myself personally, in my own personal perception of the world outside of me, does not connect the data points in the way that you are telling me they connect.

In my admitting that “I do not know” and “I do not see” it means that I am admitting this about my own perception, hence the usage of the word “I”.

I do not know how else to clarify this. Sorry if this conversation has caused you any stress.

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“I genuinely do not see how “True growth in the economy is negligible.” equates directly to mean “taxes on corporations need to be raised””

I agree with you. I never said or suggested taxes on crops or in general need to be raised. Michael commented on several negative impacts/percieved facts the recent tax cuts have had. While there are almost always pros and cons to every change, cutting taxes imo is a very good change. I also believe the corp tax cuts portion of the new tax law has helped increase the US GDP. Net profit, take home pay, durable goods, non durable goods, services and government transfers all benefit to various extents. I did not include trade, well I am sure you get that. Are CEOs benefiting disproportionately to the average person, yes…but when haven’t they? Not that that is an excuse or good thing.

I’m only going to try saying this one last time.

You responded to him saying “please let me know how higher taxes help? Corporation taxes ultimately are a tax on consumers…”.

You responded to him as if he had made a claim that he thinks that higher taxes help and as if he made a claim that taxes on corporations are ultimately not a tax on consumers. He made no such claim. I just don’t know why you think he did and thats all I’m trying to figure out. I’m not getting an answer from you on it no matter how I phrase my questioning about it, so I’m going to stop asking now. I am just going to accept that I am not going to receive the understanding I am seeking, and I am going to drop the subject. I did not know that I was going to need to put all of this effort into it and now it is detracting from the original intention of my post.

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Very interesting, thank you. Though I would argue that the rule of psychopaths over humanity is not a theory, but has been the status quo for all of known history. Corporations are merely a tool. A very advanced tool, but a tool none the less. So it doesn’t require “conspiracy theory” to know that psychopaths are quite able to wield any sort of tool that they are capable of learning to use. It is also no state secret that empires past and present, have bloody histories and that they have these bloody histories because every culture repeats the mistakes of history, hence the cliche but true saying “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” or as Mark Twain more accurately stated “history never repeats, but it does rhyme”.

All of the stuff that the so-called modern western world dismisses as “conspiracy theory” used to be common knowledge and common sense. The strong rule the weak, either by psychological manipulation and / or brute force. Whether we’re talking about bullies, emperors or monarchs – these are all merely different labels for the same thing. When we introduce ideology and religion, the ruling elites of any era suffer from a delusion known as “divine right to rule” or “the right of kings”.

As above, so below – we have historically seen this pattern on every level. Elementary school bullies. High School bullies. The “boss from hell” in the work place and so on. Though many seem to think that sociopaths and psychopaths are only created from some 1% (or less) genetic fluke and / or some sort or trauma that resulted in physical brain damage: it has been proven that sociopaths and psychopathic elements have been accepted, utilized and passed down like some bad family heirloom through most cultures. Altruism is used to justify any evil, even when those evils directly contradict spiritual and religious teachings such as the ever popular golden rule: “do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you” aka “do no harm (but take no shit)”.

The only means evil has to triumph is when good people do nothing, and as another old saying goes “no one is a bigger slave than the slave which thinks they are free”. The modern technologies we tend to take for granted has been used by the ruling psychopaths to manipulate the masses into thinking that the old “common sense of says past” is nothing more than “conspiracy theory” despite the fact that we have lots of official historical record to the contrary. I do believe it was Winston Churchill who said something to the effect of “he who controls the past, controls the present, and he who controls the present, controls the future”. So the elimination of knowledge from collective awareness is very important to psychopaths in charge, as per historical examples such as Hitler burning the books during WWII. He did not burn the books because he hated books, he burned the books to keep knowledge out of the hands of the general population so that future generations would assume that his version of history, was the real history. Also as the old saying goes “it is the winners of wars who write the history books”.

Our modern technology, as cool as it is and I do love it very much – has been misused to romanticize everything. Though I’m all for creative artistic expressions and all of the cool movies with wonderful effects are the cool and wonderful productions that they are: this combined with the elimination of critical thinking and discernment in the masses has made most people in the west assume that the idea of psychopaths being able to actually do anything to people in the world, is either “something that only used to happen in the past” or “something that only happens in the movies” and thus such notions sound completely insane when most people hear about things like corporations controlling governments, and corporations being co-opted and corrupted by psychopaths.

This is why it is unfortunately necessary for things to “get a bit bad” before they can finally start to get good again. It needs to hit home in a very personal way, in order for it to no longer be dismissed as delusional conspiracy-minded paranoia. As this awakening happens, things such as SafeNet are extremely important to help humanity finally evolve into a civilization that is actually civil.

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Haha first time I’ve heard Star Wars used to back up argument for Maidsafe. Nice work.

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I have nothing to add directly in the subject(s), mere a small nitpicking :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia:

A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not “guesses” but reliable accounts of the real world.


The definition of a scientific theory (often contracted to “theory” for the sake of brevity) as used in the disciplines of science is significantly different from the common vernacular usage of the word “theory”.[4][Note 1] In everyday speech, “theory” can imply that something is an unsubstantiated and speculative guess,[4] the opposite of its meaning in science. These different usages are comparable to the opposing usages of “prediction” in science versus everyday speech, where it denotes a mere hope

Just thought it worth the while to promote this knowledge, even though it is a Sisyphean struggle against the internet masses’ interpretation of the scientific meaning of “theory”.


Starwars used to backup argumetn for maidsafe.
Disney owns starwars.

Username… Dinsey… swap S and N…
Illuminati confirmed.

Maidsafe SAFEnetwork will be a success.


:joy: oh no rumbled…