The perfect APP dev argument for the SAFE network

The author may be half right about the independent developer being dead, but they have found a brighter future in open sourced SAFE network development.

As developer it is a no brainer with little to no startup costs, secure network, and I don’t have to sell a cent of my user’s data or advertising. Oh can’t wait to see what the world develops.


There are only so many apps that you need. Adding products to a saturated market isn’t going to be a big money spinner.

Ofc, making the best app may work out. However, in such a free market, devs would be - and rightly so - under fierce competition.

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I am learning app development because of the SAFE network because because of this. I find the current system broken for devs to make any money and come out with conscience intact.


I don’t think it is as bad as the author paints it. All markets move from easy pickings to competitive and hard to break into, so he’s right that it has got harder, but you are right that SAFEnetwork changes this considerably until it starts to mature!

The thing is to choose who you go up against and how, and to try to be first rather than “me to” if you can. That’s creative, innovative and miss fun as well as increasing chance to succeed.


Yes, you really have to be among the best coders in the world to have your app see sustainable success in the SAFE network.

I wish SAFEx discussed more

What is your reasoning behind that?

Aren’t markets the most important applications on the internet?

Assuming mass adoption of SAFE, it will face fierce competition from the Amazons eBays, OpenBazaar, etc etc and all crypto market teams out there competing for the #1 decentralized marketplace

Edit: and also everyone else in the universe with a computer and coding skills

Or am I misunderstanding something?


@whiteoutmashups an easy way to deal with that kind of stress is to realize - there’s an ebay, and an amazon, and a openbazaar and an upcoming safex… and upcoming another more marketplaces of varying custom kinds… indeed something as described as safex is next level but only because it uses Safe Network for its backbone just like all other apps of the future that might do the same (use Safe Network as backbone) and those ones too will be next level and ground breaking.

On the other hand - when you bought some mandarins at the store that one store didn’t know you were coming, just as easily could have bought them at a different store too but you already gotten your mandarin satisfaction. That doesn’t mean that only 1 store will stock mandarins for the whole world.

Same thing with all these marketplaces and everyone of these app ideas and all these coders… there are more things to code than there are people available to code them; and also think about how many messaging apps exist… there’s forums and chat rooms (both are messaging apps… not solved by one single application) we have different flavours of forums different styles of chat apps too. Indeed they don;t just hocus pocus magically poof app exists… it is built iteratively, with time, attention, and effort

The world is your oyster.


But the original argument is that it’s much easier for independent devs to onboard with SAFE because of built in security, infrastructure, etc. It lowers the barrier to entry and supports a much more equal playing field. Small teams are much more sustainable in general because they require less resources and the only reason Amazon and Ebay are so sustainable in today’s internet is because they have so much capital.


Exactly! I wish I could have said it that well:)

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The lower the barrier to entry the higher the competition right? Not a bad thing for SAFE users though, we get much better apps.

But makes it much harder to know which apps will succeed and where they will come from

That’s all I mean

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ok, I just don’t agree that being of the “best developers in the world” is a requirement for such competition.

I just mean for the most desirable apps, like the #1 online marketplace app, etc.

Competition will be fierce for that top spot (but again, it’s a great thing because the app that wins will be extremely polished and amazing)

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