The other ANT tech

Check the 2 videos here…I like the butterflies in the 2nd one.
We’ve got problems with marketing ourselves as using ANT tech btw I think…maybe not though:

“The company named their creations BionicANTs, to also stand for Autonomous Networking Technologies”

This is linked to the "Ant Technology thread, but don’t know how to link it :smiley:


Festo might we willing to share?

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As I watched those butterflies I was thinking how they might react to a bug zapping racket…

I assume the issue of disappearing bees can now be considered solved? Robobees in combination with Big Data could do the job better, if not cheaper too.

Now you need a butterfly on every street to make everyone easy to ID and record close up by summoning one of those goddamn butterflies (gee, they’re already blue!). Around the clock spying on the sheeple is quickly becoming a total no brainer.

Well Mr Cynical pants…I have it on good authority that the NSA and Monsanto have a joint venture to address exactly this issue.Apparently the butterflies are to be used to locate and carry any sick bees to specialist Bee Hospitals they are setting up, to be nursed back to health.and kissed all better with butterfly kisses…so only good uses that I can think of. :smiley: