Ant Technology

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Ant Tech: Autonomous Network Trust Technology
Ants: Autonomous Network Trust System
ANT Farm: Autonomous Network Transfer Farm
ANTS: Autonomous Network Transfer System

Since I joined this project, we have been struggling to convey the idea of what is the SAFE Network or Project SAFE or MaidSafe protocol? It becomes difficult to explain when focusing on parts of the system instead of looking at the whole.

Ant Technology is the foundation of Project SAFE.

Trust is very relevant to how it comes together.
If every node was an ant within the network, how would it know which nodes to trust?
How would those nodes know to trust it?
How does a node gain in rank, lose rank, get removed from the group?

What do you think about Ant Technology as our unifying concept to describe function?

EDIT: There might be some confusion. I’m not suggesting replacing SAFE in any way. Quite the opposite. The usage of “Ant Tech or Ants” is similar to “Blockchain” terminology in conversations.


I like how I’ve heard @dirvine say blockchain is really a design pattern. I would suggest we start using that and change the dialog a little each time it’s mentioned, both for the blockchain as well as ANT. ANT Pattern (Autonomous Network Trust Pattern)?


"Ant"is wonderful. Ants are relentless and unstoppable. They swarm and outnumber. Has a vague hint of Dr. Amen’s “automatic negative thoughts” which is cognitive hip.
Also drone.

Block chain is ball n chain or conjures the serious feel of solidity and not being able to get away with anything. A little Mario too.


I like it for educating Builders


I really like the Autonomous Network Trust Pattern.

ANT Pattern Tech


ANT Tech


ANT Design


ANT Design Tech

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Not sold on the acronyms yet. SAFE was good (not arguing for it, just indicating what felt better).

How about we step back into brainstorm for a bit? Lists, for ex of

core qualities
technical attributes
marketing buzzwords

then look for acronyms and straplines - SAFE is exceptionally good because it covers all these.


Core Qualities

Safety, privacy, trust, accessibility, universal, shared, integrity…

Technical Attributes

Secure, encrypted, storage, communication, network, sharing, publishing…

Marketing Buzzwords

Free, sex (maybe not), unlimited, apps, unbreakable…

As you can see I’m not great at this, so feel free to jump in our suggest other approaches. Actually lists may not be such a great approach… I recall one technique for a start up where all us techies sat in a room, gloomy looking around and tasked with coming up with branding ideas, and the one girly amongst us jumped in with some great techniques to loosen our linear minds a bit.

One was, “what kind of animal would it be?” "What colour? " etc. It may sound daft, it did to me way back then, but now I understand how valuable that approach can be (ask David Bowie and Brian Eno if you want more), as well as having learned why these things work.

I’m not sure how well we can do this online, but let’s throw things wide open for a bit - no criticism of ideas. Just ideas, for techniques to come up with ideas, and ideas themselves. Alcohol might help, anyone for the pub?

If DavidY wants to focus on ANT here we can move this to another thread.

ANT sounds cool, maybe it’s better to not focus on the pixel, but the big picture when you describe Maidsafe? People don’t care how there car parts work, they care that it starts, that it drives that it etc…

I agree with @happybeing, if you want to get creative get some beers, it let’s you think about thinks in a different way (Loosely).

There is something about trust because its not fear. In trust we trust. Its something we want to do. We don’t speak our approximation of truth for lack of trust. Generally a prerquisite for satisfying communication. If there is truth its kind of a one way valve as “only the truth is true” and if we can trust enought to accept that, it can be quite a comforting mantra.

"Trust pattern’ implies habit of trust or culture of trust. Per Taoism we can trust those who trust and those who lie weren’t believed in or trusted. And so “trust pattern” is self reinforcing and happily self congratulatory. Conjures trust fund too.

Maybe trust has a frequency as any pattern would.

yeah: new internet. One we can trust.

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Doing some searches turns up way too much other stuff on Safespace, etc.

ANT Space might be pretty good. Doesn’t search out to anything else.

Autonomous Network Trust Space
ANT Space or ANTS for short

“ANTS: The ultimate in Decentral”
“The internet of ANTS”
“ANTS: for heavy lifting of all the world’s data and communications”
“ANTS: taking down the Beast, one megabyte at a time”

Edit to add:

“NSA vs the ANTS”

Personally I still like SAFE Network, but riffing on ANTS is fun.


And we can have Ant Music as a theme tune!


I’m always open to other ideas, hence the question, what do you think?
Your different point of view is welcome.

What is the purpose of the SAFE Network? Secure Access For Everyone.
What is the purpose of Bitcoin? To create a trustless payment system free of central authority.

How does the SAFE Network function? It is a decentralized network, using ANT technology/pattern.
How does Bitcoin function? It is a peer to peer electronic cash system, using Blockchain technology.

(Purpose) and (Function) are defined differently yet people understand both clearly.

IMO, the SAFE Network is so different yet similar to other systems, it really is a new species. Therefore, I would like to define the function, helping others to understand the differences. We will definitely keep SAFE as the title/name.


And we can have Ant Music as a theme tune!

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I was actually going to request a SAFE Network chime along with the Safecoin chime if any musical talents are out there. At the very least, I would love to hear a tune whenever my vault receives some Safecoin, that would be awesome!


I like this one!

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My feeling is to split the understanding of what SAFE is down the middle

Builders | Farmers

Farmers being the vast majority, with most not fully realizing they may indeed be farmers at certain random times.

I’m excited about getting the message to the masses i.e Farmers and I think the perfect opportunity there is with the kids. I hope to discuss this further under a Marketing category.

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Talking of heavy lifting, this could be a t shirt with the ants carrying more relevant things or the safe logo…maybe. Oops, sorry wrong thread.


I would replace the fruit with the MaidSafe Banner (Privacy Security Freedom)

Images are an incredibly powerful way to communicate an idea. As the saying goes… a picture is worth a thousand words.

Alternative Banner: “ANTS (Autonomous Network Trust System)”


ANTS (Autonomous Network Trust Systems) Design Pattern
Example: Autonomous Network Trust Systems Technologies or ANTS Technologies/Patterns


Great article just turned up on the blog, relates to this topic.