The off topic has been burried under another layer?

It looks like the off topic at least in mobile is no longer available on the drop down. You have to take the extra step of selecting categories to see it?

If this was intentional who did this and why?

I’d actually be in favor of applying this to the “other projects” section as well.

I do remember that this happened though:

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Yes, but no reason to take a new step and make essentially inaccessible or harder still to access.

Why the change and who did it?

I can confirm that on my Fedora laptop in Firefox, the drop down (three horizontal bars in the top right-hand side of the screen) does indeed contain the “off-topic” category. Is that what is missing from the mobile version?


No, I didn’t see that and it largely aleviates my concern. There’s been a change but given what you’ve pointed out access is still good enough. Thank you.

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Didn’t @janitor call you the “ruler” of the off-topic category recently? I can certainly understand your concern over the obfuscation of your “kingdom”.


It may have been done due to overuse by certain individuals. I’d vote for it.

Wasn’t done on purpose but Discourse has upgraded to version 1.4. So that might be the reason things have changed.


Thank you. I recognized there was no issue with the help of @smacz. Sorry about the thread.

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