The merits (or otherwise) of specific token/coins for rewarding computation

Is there an argument to be made for having a separate coin for computation rewards? The thinking being that if the network required more computational power it would not have to vie with (or in any way undermine) the economic model of the storage reward ecosystem.

It seems logical that these are two separate requirements (storage and computation ) that ultimately might be served best if there are separate incentives in order to maximise their full potential. The allotted amounts of the spent ‘computation coin’ tokens would still go to core devs/app builders etc. Possibly even current safecoin holders could have their coins mapped 1:1 with the reward token so they could feel their safecoin weren’t being diluted in any way.

I can’t quite see the woods for the trees on this one (i.e. whether alternative reward tokens make sense) so keen to hear any thoughts :slight_smile:

You need to address the understanding barrier. SAFE is for everyone, so however you reward them has to be simple and understandable. using multiple coins/tokens for basic operations (farming/computing) which we want people to run on their computers may be too much. Its yet another barrier to be crossed for adoption.

Its like we say install this package and you can share a portion of your disk for SAFEcoin rewards and when your computer is idle it can share some of its CPU for rewards. Do we want to tell them its another coin with different worth? Installation and understanding has to be simple for greatest adoption.

At least if safecoin is divided into safecents (or mSAFE) people are trained from kids to understand that so its not a barrier to adoption by everyone who isn’t tech/crypto savvy.


I’m pretty sure only good things would come from computing and storage using the same coin. Even if there are disadvantages to this, effectively doubling or greater the value of safecoin is a pretty big advantage to neutralize.

Edit: I’m assuming in my post that the network can be coded in a way that it can reward different processes safecoin for different things.