When I use a SafeCoin

So, the other night I was speaking with an engineer, and I was explaining theoretically in my mind how SafeCoins will get spent;

For example; When I visit a webpage, I will download that webpage, then view it; it goes into my vault; After 100 websites/webpages downloaded to my vault, I now must delete them in order to continue to browse SAFE Net; if I want to browse a huge website/collectively visit a huge webpage will that mean that I must expend SafeCoin to increase my vault capacity to view that webpage; When I delete the webpage/website package the SafeCoin expense evaporates, doesn’t it?

Please let us know if I am not on point with the mechanism of action/enlighten me;

My thoughts lead to storing chat messages in the vault. Eventually I will go over my initiating limit of vault capacity to receiving additional messages across SAFE Net.

Otherwise, let’s wait for updated documentation;

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You won’t pay for viewing in the way you describe.

I think you have vaults confused, because a vault is only needed for farming Safecoin - it is the place on your computer that you let the network store other people’s encrypted data. So if you are not farming, no vault.

When you view web pages via SAFE they will travel from vaults around the network and be delivered to your browser on your computer. No charge. Those pages may sit in a cache on your computer until overwritten or deleted manually. No charge. Just like the current internet.

What you will pay for is:

  • storing data on the network (currently we are debating how much free storage will be just given away with each account, if any)
  • using an app that charges for its use. Many will be free, but some will be paid for in Safecoin or other currencies, similar to current mobile apps on Android, iOS etc.

And of course you can get Safecoin to pay for this by purchasing it on an exchange, farming by donating some of your disk to create a vault, or creating an app that people pay to use. Or doing work for the community (e.g. the core software) that is sponsored by MaidSafe Foundation (e.g. through bounties).

Hope that helps.


@happybeing i just want to check my understanding. Anything cached on disk is still encrypted and everything in RAM is gone after session. No trace left. Right?

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Your browser should not save temp data to your SAFE store. Temp files should be saved locally and in case of shared computers each user should have his own encrypted session, so that when you log off your data is not recoverable (as fast as most adversaries are concerned).

Normally if your browser crashes, it may leave traces of cache/browsing on the disk. This isn’t related to the SAFE network (unless you’re talking about the SAFE browser which should be explicitly highlighted in the question.)


i just want to check my understanding. Anything cached on disk is still encrypted and everything in RAM is gone after session. No trace left. Right?

I’m afraid not. This depends entirely on the programs (in this case the browser and/or plugin) you use to access SAFE.