Techonomy: Making Data Storage Safer: The MaidSafe Network

As our personal and business data migrates online, lack of online security is increasingly a source of worry for both businesses and individuals worldwide. The risks, including malicious hacking, vandalism, and data theft, are numerous. Today’s Internet is vulnerable in part because data typically resides on networks managed and controlled entirely by individual companies. MaidSafe, a startup based in Troon, Scotland, has what it believes is a way to eliminate that kind of reliance and improve the safety of data. It’s based on the classic concept of peer-to-peer sharing—in this case, the sharing of data storage.


Finally a third-party article that does MaidSafe justice! I was just wondering about this sentence?

To commercialize its technology, Maidsafe will charge a fee to companies seeking to use its network.

I’m not aware of such a fee, as far as I know the SAFE network won’t discriminate between users. It can’t know who’s who in the real world on the network level anyway. Companies will have to pay for PUTs just like anyone else.

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No we can’t :slight_smile: It’s not possible to do that either physically or via licensing (open source, gpl). If there was a closed source or non GPL compliment company that wanted another version then that is different. We discussed that previously if it were the case how would we use such funds, the pods would need to benefit of course.

I think more likely s folk get to know this code/system then pods will get co-opted by other projects to help out and also gain revenue that way though, who knows, but I am pretty sure safecoin is the goal for us all (well it is for me).

All in all the network cannot tell who is using it and it must never try to and this is the key strength and I believe the only way it can provide security.