Someone recently told me they couldn't believe I sold all my MAID, here is the full story

For anyone interested, I could have sold my bags of MAID and DOGE last year in April or May and walked away with 2 Million Dollars AUD minus taxes. Don’t be me.


A story that is unfortunately all too common, even to this day and worse with 100x leverage exchanges. Hope you manage to get a solid HODL bag of MAID. Takes guts to admit you lost all of it and own it. Respect.


I think it’s a lesson we all have to learn at some point (although my losses are nowhere near yours) still got some time (hopefully not to much) to just buy and hold :+1:t2:


About your age i learned similar, if not so spectacular lessons with equities. Such learning will probably pay off in the long run provided the pain hasn’t turned you off investing completely. There are ways to make money, and generally they require both information and control (especially over emotion, impulse, greed etc). Over time these change, but the underlying learning can be transferred. You have plenty of time.


I lost huge amounts from a bitcoin mining rig scam a decade ago. My bad entirely. I was too greedy to bother kicking the tires and ask good questions.

If I’d just hodled, I’d be a millionaire by now. Easy come, hard go.

But lesson learned. Investing isn’t easy - it requires, IMO, huge amounts of patience, self-discipline and much tire kicking. It’s not for everyone for sure. But if you are able to think carefully and develop your craft I believe it may be rewarding.

So I hope anyway! :wink:


@goindeep thank you for your honest story. What happened to you could happen to anyone.

Your crypto adventure is not over. I have a prediction for you. You will get back into crypto, and you will use your new-found wisdom to make EVEN MORE money! You will have so much money your dog will have his own mansion, fully staffed. Your servants will have their OWN servants! The crypto game is not over, it is just the beginning! :racehorse:

One more bit of advice. Lay off the booze and anything else that affects your judgement. Judgement and wisdom are the foundation of a good life :racehorse:


Haha I feel you mate. If it makes you feel better, I “lost” a little more than 2m at current ETH prices, when I sold 2000 ETH at $12 (had invested 1 BTC, which was $600, at presale).

Can’t complain. I started this journey with 1-months salary back in 2013. Can’t complain at all.

It really taught me to hodl. I don’t mind an investment going to zero. There’s a clear limit to my “loss” if it does, whereas there is no limit to the upside of ETH and other projects.


I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and replies :slight_smile:


8 Bitcoin on a hard drive I formatted and wrote over. :frowning:


Found out about Maidsafe around 2014 but in that year school got in the way and then bachelor thesis which f’cked my health. So a few years later jumped in but funds got stuck because coinbase sent them with a 0 transaction fee. After a few month got in but BTC had went up and so did MAID. Managed to make some good moves when things went south for BTC but could have had 10x more MAID and a better health if things turned out in a different way. But in many things in life you don’t get to choose, just try to be glad when you are lucky and hope it lasts because not even stars lasts forever.


I had 33 BTC that I bought pizza with back in the day when Domino’s ran a promotion where they were accepting Bitcoin for pizza.

I thought it was just a fad so it was a good portion of my holdings. The rest I traded for Feathercoin because I thought it was going to overtake Litecoin.


You haven’t lost 2 million unless you started with 2 million and lost it all.

Trading is gambling, some people may get lucky or think they can out think the market, but in the end it you don’t get out you will lose.

Started in all this with 7K USD, had ETH, lisk BTC, SDC, MAID you name it. I sold alot back to USD, was lucky enough to sell for close to 500k.

I could of made probably 5 million if I sold at the right time. But you know, nobody can predict the best time to sell.

Unless you have a crystal ball you are never going to sell at the best time.

Just enjoy the experience and what you learned and stay away from pure gambling, the only system that works is for the House :rofl:.

One thing I learned is you want to long a trade make sure you do your research, buy the stock or crypto and consider that money lost and forget it .

Don’t look at the daily ups and downs and hold until your target date. If you lose just write it off in your taxes and move on.

You die a litlle every day you look at your investment going down, just forget it and with some luck, when you eventually take another look it will be worth a fortune. :yum:

Sometimes I think to myself I would be a richer man if I fell into a coma for a few years lol :rofl:.


Dont worry guys. One day the decimal point on the SNT price will have moved 2 places to the right.


Some day that decimal point will be so far away it will only look like a tiny dot :slight_smile: