Some initial questions


This project seems great, I’ve already read something.
I’d like to know about:

  1. From the primer’s 20 fundamental principles, how many have been accomplished. Which ones have not?
  2. It seems that the project has taken many years. For sure, it’s very complex. How many more years until it’s ready, in a realistic sense?
  3. Can I compile the code? Are there instructions? I’d like to try to compile it in a BSD machine. If possible, where can I find those instructions.
  4. As there’s only testnet, a user that runs it is rewarded with any tokens?



We don’t deviate from these. Network is not launched.

Testnets right now. It is happening now, we don’t know dates.

Yes clone GitHub - maidsafe/safe_network and cargo build

Only test coins, you can create these in the client/cli at will.