Solar powered farmer with ubeam, how interesting?

This could be interesting. If we could get solar powered farmers to have a little extra solar and beam it around the place for others it could be cool. This is charging tech, but I am thinking in places where there are no power sockets that this if incentivised could be transformational. With this SAFE and some kind of global off earth Internet then we do stand a chance to reset everything and include everyone. What I mean is the farmer is earning and gets paid in safecoin, but is also transmitting power to others to join the network.

Why? as more people join, there is more rewards, more data, more chance of participating, ability to communicate and more. So its not philanthropic for people to do this, but transformational for small villages and out posts. The farming unit pays for itself and this tech at the same time.

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It appears incredibly wasteful. How much of the sound energy is actually picked up by a device and turned into charge? Surely only fraction of the energy put out can be harvested, plus conversion inefficiency at both ends.

Yea I could find no figures on loss at all. Good point.

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Great stuff that you are thinking this big.

But this sort of stuff is exactly why I believe that Safecoin distribution should be revisited as it’s currently planned. We would get a lot out of a safecoin distribution that is more forward thinking in it’s design.

I’m in a hurry at the moment but as soon as I have time I’ll try to make a thread with a couple of (maybe crazy) ideas and see what the community thinks…


100% agree, it will be generically implemented so that rewards can be added as we move on. B/w solar etc. should all be possible and we will know as the algorithm will be balanced symmetric and provable. I cannot see any of these yet, but it will be possible to extend the reward system if the community agree and the mechanism is stunningly beautiful maths (very few conditionals and magic numbers) . Its too easy to squeeze something in and that would be wrong, but we will get these algorithms I am sure when we can focus on them and we all can see how the network operates. I am very confident this will be the case.

Look forward to the crazy though, love crazy, it’s frequently where greatness lies.


Just a thought here but ubeam could have the same kind of problem that windpower has (and by extension via the SAFE network generator idea could expand on this) that noise pollution is created and adverse health conditions are created as a result. Ubeam is based on ultrasound after all and blaring that all over the place constantly can’t be good for people’s health. I would keep a close eye on the health ramifications of such a project over say the next decade or so, if not the next couple generations.