Social Parcel Drop

Social Parcel Drop

  • Parcel Drop Provider: anyone who lives in an area and is willing to act as a parcel drop and pickup point.

  • Service User - Consumer: consumer who is not around during the day, looks for local person who will receive and hold a parcel for a fee. Can choose based on location, hours, feedback and fee.

  • Service User - Delivery Co: delivery service that leaves parcels with a local Parcel Drop Provider if this option is chosen by the customer.

Its a bit like Uber or Airbnb style services, where ordinary folk sign up and offer to receive and hold parcels for people in their local area, charging a fee per parcel and maybe for storage if not collected etc. The app enables people to offer their services and for users to leave feedback on the service so others can use this to decide whether to use someone.

Services App Platform

I see this as one kind of a whole series of Uber / Airbnb style “Social Networked Services” apps, so if it was possible it would be good to create a platform, that makes it easy to create these kind of apps on top. Each would have its own UI, but also probably need different features to handle the specifics of the service offered.