Silent Circle's Blackphone II is out and has a great marketing approach

I am researching this new phone and think it is hands down the best option out there for security minded and even loved ones of security minded.

SC’s marketing approach The Power Of Privacy (1/5): Mom's New Porch | Silent Circle caught my attention right away.

I really like the Guardian’s video series on privacy and security and should be replicated by users, builders, promoters of the SAFE network.


I saw some sites complain how they should sell it for BTC (privacy and all). You still need to give them a freaking address to ship to, so I don’t think that’s a very good point.

The phone is nice, but it’s also pricey. I agree that properly done, privacy doesn’t come cheap, but it’s always interesting to see how everyone (supposedly) cares for their privacy, and in the end they buy a crap-ridden phone for $199, don’t spend a single dollar on privacy software, and after that they ask the government to protect them.

I’d like to have that as my 2nd phone, but I bought my phone quite recently so I’ll wait a bit before I consider whether I use my phone enough to justify the $800.


I hope that there is a an actually secure device manufacturer out there:

how to know what ou’re getting is really doing what it says.


Too expensive… 1000$ for a mobile phone is so much.

Says open source but the last black phone after contacting them (don’t know if it was the same company) had some proprietary secret sauce. @chrisfostertv noticed the flaw and helped explore that and it came up wanting. I called the company to confirm and they didn’t share the opinion that it should be open to the core tried to say it was a security risk when we said just trust us is a security risk.


It’s not "the Guardian ". It’s a sponsored ad…

  • Phil’s name’s worth something
  • The same question can be asked of anyone

For us serfs it is, for celebrities and the rich it’s pocket change and well worth it…
And they offer personalized support with guaranteed response time.

If there’s 0 secret sauce, it’d be instantly copied verbatim by some low end manufacturer. Not a good way to pay bills. I don’t blame them.
The first phone had a number of security flaws discovered by a hacker. But I think they are more responsive in terms of security and timely updates compared to your average el cheapo Android maker.

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I do because with secret sauce we can’t know if they’ve hidden a back door.


You can’t assume any other maker didn’t hide a back door.

If the code is available we have a chance of knowing.


Yes sponsored by Silent Circle through the Guardian, which is a clever way for them to invest their marketing money. Granted I don’t need to be convinced about the importance of privacy and security (already purchased a couple of their phones), but I see their youtube videos as something that could also work really well for selling the SAFE network.

In the first installment the security consultant was talking about how online start up companies rarely to never consider privacy and security in the beginning and it ends up being no more than an afterthought. How easy will it be to convince these startups to build their web companies on the SAFE network from the the start where Privacy and Security are the default.


It is a good point, because in some cases you could pick up the phone at a phone shop. Just pay in the phone shop with bitcoins.

[quote=“janitor, post:2, topic:5424”]
don’t spend a single dollar on privacy software
[/quote]In some cases you don’t have to, Textsecure/RedPhone/Wickr spend a single dollar

99% don’t even want to spend that $1 :slight_smile:
Sometimes it’s because few people use them, so even if one buys them it doesn’t mean any of his friends have it.

But there’s much more to security than just messaging. Almost every Android phone ships infested with crap from Google, “free” applications, telcos and who knows who else.

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I’ll wait for the SAFEphone thanks :wink: