Signature request swapping for emaid on uniswap...

I am wanting to swap for emaid on uniswap. After entering the amount I select “sign and swap”, then Metamask presents a “Signature request”, saying “Only sign this message if you fully understand the content and trust the requesting site.” below that it says, "Amount: " and a ridiculously large 50 digit number. then it says “expiration:” and a ten digit number looking nothing like a date or time.

when the transaction gets to my trezor hardware wallet, the wallet says, “no data, sign at your own risk” At that point I aborted the transaction.

Just asking for help in understanding what is going on here. Is this normal? I do not remember anything like this in previous swaps I have made on uniswap.

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This is normal, at the first touch with a smart contract you have one approving transaction for the maximum number of tokens (the big number) and a second transaction for the specific number of tokens you are buying/selling. UniSwap’s smart contract is secure, you won’t have a problem (always check if the frontend you use is legitimate!)

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This is called allowance, which you could sign every time or put it only at the number that you feel comfortable with.