Sense in which too much is expected of privacy

Some would say that once we achieve wide spread privacy and useful anonymity that much of the abuse will end. Its hard not to agree but it wont preclude what worked before with channels and shot gunning ads. If we blackbox them and make them fly blind its predictable that they will revert to crude methods that worked before.

Also the idea that they would make a model of me is not compelling to me outside of their trying to sell me products. They could just ask me about personal preferences but I am sure they’d also like observational stuff. But I dont see these as predictive or threatening untill they start making measurement and qualification claimes based on their likely weak models.

I am more concerned about what an old fashioned shotgun sponsor model does to our access to useful info. It subverts all the useful info platforms so that they exploit instead of serve.

There will probably not be an end to abuse and we wont have wide spread privacy but it’s important to offer privacy tools to counter transparency so the users have an option to decide. Users aren’t getting a vote on how the Internet operates.

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Very interesting consideration of transparency.