Self destruction + dead man switch

I was wondering if these features could be added. Let’s say I select a bunch of files to be automatically forwarded/shared to a bunch of people in the case I don’t login to the account in X amount of time, because probably someone killed me.

Or to make those files self-destroyed (expiration date to be set up) to free the network since I would be probably dead.


Also have your wallet balance automatically transfer after x amount of time. This way if you die and your loved ones don’t have access to your account then it is automatically transferred.


a peculiar train of thought, but not out of place :slight_smile:


Such features would all be possible with general smart contract support, something I’d be extremely excited about if it were implemented in SAFE.


It’s on the list:


true dat! right on the list there

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I would like to note this would not only act as an insurrence policy to protect one from people trying to kill you in order to silence you but also would eliminate the need for lawyers in conducting the affairs of state for wills after one is dead. No more squabbling among reletives and siblings about who gets what because it’s already decided and distributed upon one’s death. Now keep in mind in real life there are many reasons one may not log into the SAFE network: No power, no internet, no computer, being caught out in the bush or on a desert island to be just a few of them. **** you might end up in a coma or something and technically not be dead but be incapacitated for years. Such things need contingency plans.


Not to derail because its a fantastic thread but

But let them be called smart agreements or something like that because no court is going to be enforcing sharp dealing with them. I don’t think they need to have the baggage associated with contracts where there is unequal bargaining. As contract was supposed to these would make the world more predictable and help foster trust and peace of mind.

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Somehow connect your vital signs to the system and have it check every so often? Throwing some impossible ideas out. Could decide for the time not logged in to be a certain number of months, based on preference, too, as the most simple solution. It’s a long wait, but is a trade-off.


Sounds great, but…
If you go nuts or lose internet access, your wallet contents would be sent to someone probably more clueless about this these than you. In all likelihood they’ll either lose their password, or become an easy target.

Since MaidSafe isn’t out yet, I’ll make a Bitcoin example: write down your wallet pass phrase (or private keys for your addresses), seal it in an envelope and attach it in your will (to be opened by designated whoever).

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But the context was an already risk averse situation so there is nothing clueless about it, and it is another way to produce transparency and limit coercion. There have been movies about this, was “the Firm” about this?

It would be possible with wereable authentication gadgets like Nymi ( ) which checks heartbeat uniqueness as a biometric template.

To make it failure safe, something as simple as creating a probabilistic analysis based on your routinary logins throughout a period of time, say a month, you could set up your smart contract to be triggered once your logoff period goes to 6 sigma.

The envelope can be stolen.
Better option is to create a multisig address between a lawyer, your family and your closest friends.

And if Nymi goes titsup while I’m old and senile, the coins remain there without anyone knowing.

Until a method gains wide acceptance and proves successful in practice, there’s nothing that beats real estate or gold in safe jurisdictions.

Of course. But IMO it is more likely that Bitcoin (or my lawyer) won’t be around 30 years from now than that my will would be stolen.

Of course y’all are forgetting one important detail about this conversation. Electronic money depends on electricity. What if the power goes out? What then? I say while crypto is good and having all these backups are great, nothing beats hard copy when the power goes out. Is there any way to print your multi sig, safecoin wallet, or assorted smart contracts? Or god forbid does the safe network take snail mail? Oh my god what a concept. (Actually that is a concept worth considering. A SAFE post office. You send paper mail in one end, it get scanned, encrypted, emailed and printed out the other then auto enveloped and someone gets paid in safecoin to deliver it.)

Yes. But if all the power is out, it won’t do you much good I think. Honestly, if all the power is out, we have bigger worries than mere money.


At this point your paper wallet is useless and guns and ammo are the new currency.

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Solar powered batter backed up moblie SAFE mesh.

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True. Also food and water and other such essentials.

That would also be good. :smile:

I know planning for the power to go out seems extreme but considering the fact it does happen (and in parts of the world it happens quite regularly) it’s something to consider.

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Temporary localised power outages are not a problem. The network would only be harmed/destroyed by a very large and almost indefinite power out - think nuclear war / collapse of world wide infrastructure.

It is not worth saving Safecoin in this situation!