Scalability of popular data


From what I understand data gets divided in chucks, encrypted and hashed and placed on a random farmers disk.
There are a N+4 (?) copies of each chunk in the network.

Let’s say you upload really popular content and many people want to have that data, how does that scale?
I can imagine that if there are not a lot of nodes storing data it can become really slow if data is popular.

I understand that a file is not stored on 4 nodes but rather the each individual chunk is stored on 4 nodes thus many nodes are contributing to the bandwidth. So if you have 1 file that is divided in 100 chunks, 400 nodes will contribute bandwidth to getting you that file? What if thousands of people want that file… will that not be really slow?


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Search the docs for caching.

The network caches popular data in a clever way such that the cache follows the demand. It means that the network automatically scales to deliver data where it is in demand, and is going to be impossible to overload (e.g. no DoS attacks possible).