Each node must download all files/"blockchain"?

I know this isnt blockchain but I am not sure how this works. In maid network there would be “file”(blockchain) on P2P principle, and if some node want join then must download all files?

Or part of for example image, be on one node and second part of image/video/whateever would be on next node? If yes what when if some node disconnect? thx


There isn’t a single dataset like an entire Blockchain which every single node in the network must download.

When a node joins it will be given a location in the xor address space of all data, and it must then request and store those chunks of data which are close to its address. This amounts to a small fraction of all the data because the chunks are spread across all nodes in the network rather than every node having to store everything.

Does that make sense?


Little bit, part of when I am lost its disconnected node from network when he had download data.

Data is duplicated across the network, so there isn’t just one copy stored in one location. If a node holding data ‘x’ goes offline, then the network will be aware that another copy of that particular data has to be created (reduplicated from other copies of it).

I think it’s also intended (unsure if implemented yet) that the network will also increase copies of highly accessed data to buffer the load on nodes storing it.