Safenet Client/Launcher as an OS

Would it be possible and/or practical to eventually have a the safenet launcher/client replace the operating system? This probably wouldn’t be desired in most instances, but I can see how it could have it’s uses.

  • Added security from having none of the built-in back doors that get exploited through the OS available
  • Only the safenet launcher/client would be accessible upon booting up the cpu/phone/etc. From there the various apps, can be accessed, installed, & used.
  • I assume this would increase device performance, especially for smaller devices like phones & tablets, while reducing functionality until all of the features built into existing device OS get built on the network
  • This would also open up a lot of competition in device manufacturing. If only the hardware is needed to make a functional device, anyone with some small amount of technical ability could make a custom phone/tablet/cpu/etc.

Potential Apps website entry: SAFE-OS


I agree, there’s no way around it. If there’s ever gonna be a safenet, there’s gonna be safe-os in various forms.

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Perhaps the Beaker OS can be developed in a similar way to how the Chrome OS was done.


There have been a few other threads discussing options. Cant wait til an OS gets to be a reality!


Nobody likes my SAFE-OS writeup? :,( aww I worked hard on it…


Aww, I like it :slight_smile:
Didn’t even know it existed