Network access without launcher?

I am still a little bit unclear about accessing the network without the launcher.

Say, for example, I want create a simple messaging app/website. What I would like to see is that when a user downloads the app, they are able to enter their SAFE user credentials (or create a new user) directly within the app/site without having to download the launcher. This would be similar to a “Sign in with Facebook” feature.

It seems like it would be rather bothersome for the average user to have to download the launcher, create a user ID (or login to an existing account), and make sure they have the launcher running as a separate app every time they want to use a SAFE based service.

Having the launcher “embedded” would also allow SAFE based apps to be listed places like the existing app stores where people can use them without even knowing that the back-end is SAFE…or maybe even hosting a site on a standard web address that uses SAFE as a backend. I realize this could compromise security but may be a feature that some users would like…would features like this be a possibility?

I know there are currently examples of web based SAFE sites that can facilitate the login, but my understanding is the launcher must be installed and running separately for this to happen…


It’s really to provide a gatekeeper type functionality for users. Launcher provides app separation and a RESTful interface for app devs. So authorising an app means not typing in your credentials every time which leads to what access that app would have. I understand your apprehension as I feel the same when thinking about apps, I don’t want a middleman/gatekeeper but it does provide consistent security, perhaps?

I think perhaps this will expand where launcher is the vault as well, earning cash while any app is running, but this is still up in the air and open to scrutiny by app devs to find the safe way of working (pun intended).


Hmmm…good points indeed. I guess if it ran the vault in the background (similar to google play services) and would only need a login/download for the initial SAFE app that was installed by the user that would be a fairly low barrier to entry/change of practice for average Joes…

Thanks for the added info, I am sure it is safe to say (pun intended :wink:) the healthy competition between the devs will shake out the most effective way to work these types of things out!


You could always bundle the launcher with your app :slight_smile:


How would one go about doing that without the launcher UI?

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