SafeDrop (dropbox alternative)

If any one wants the play with it it’s now on github. I went with SafeSync (have some plans for it :slight_smile: ). PS I realize it will be obsolete when drive is released, so probably wont spend to much time on it. But I have a plan for sync


Don’t forget to throw me a bone when it’s a household name and one of the most used apps on the network. :wink:

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hate to nitpick, but there is still a 1KB as the size. And could be confusing to new comers

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Oops. missed that one. Thanks.

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A Dropbox security breach in 2012 has affected more than 68 million account holders, according to security experts.

Unfortunate for Dropbox users, but great news for SAFE.


They were using pretty good encryption practices it seems but were and still are centralized with administrative access. A weakness that won’t go away until safe


I was thinking about this a little. With dropbox you can get 2GB free storage (with 30 days history). And then you pay if you want more. I think they do this to get people to adopt using the software and then a percentage will pay or use it for business etc. With safenet people can give up some space to earn safecoin and then in turn they can save to safenet, but how can you ensure the freeness that dropbox does to get people to adopt?

One of the things I love about DropBox is how it integrates with some sites that I buy digital products from. One site I use has both [download] and [sync w/ DropBox] buttons on it. We need to make it easy for clearnet sites to set-up syncing/uploading into people’s Safe Storage.