SAFE Rsync and Chunks etc


I haven’t been able to find any suggestions that rsync will be built into SAFE - I have been using rsync for decades to enable efficient backups and file transfers and my first, main use for SAFE will be as an “off-site backup” of my vital data - about 2 TB at the moment. While I understand an initial upload of files is unavoidable, incremental updates via rsync will be critical for me (to keep the bandwidth usage down) - however, I don’t quite know how this would work (or if it is even possible) with data being chunked etc. Can someone comment on this situation?

Also, some backup companies allow for your initial backup to their system to be done by a couriered hard disk - would some equivalent of this also be possible with SAFE somehow? - I guess that would just amount to getting a hard drive to someone with very fast upload and download connections?



Use the APP that maps SAFE as a drive on your computer. Then rsync to this SAFE drive.

There has been a few versions on previous testnets so I think it will be a big one for the live system since it would allow so many computer applications to use SAFE without modifications.



OK, thanks - I will check that out to see how it goes . .


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Which app is that? Safe-FS, or something else?

Maybe this one ?


Not sure if its on the alpha 2 test. Maybe NFS? Anyhow it was on the previous testnets and I seem to remember that the person was waiting for the APIs to settle before doing another version.

Could you provide a link?