An app that shows comparitive upload costs

Just a raw idea. What if an (unofficial?) uploading app allowed uploads to different platforms (SafeNet, Google Drive, DropBox, etc), and showed the cost of uploading to each, in the user’s local currency? People might get the app to make managing their clearnet uploads easier, and then they’d notice that SafeNet uploads were consistently calculated as like 100x cheaper, thus pushing them to try Safe out.


Trickier to make that comparison than you might think:

  • many services have ‘free’ tiers
  • They often vary between capped Rates might monthly all you can eat style.
  • No one else I offers the ‘pay once, store forever’ that SAFE does AFAIK.
  • How’s do you put a price on privacy?

Interesting idea though. Starting point would probably justify be a live updating comparison table on a website.


The pay one store forever is easy to note as a flat rate… and others with a × time would work on thr back of a suggestion of how long they wanted to store. For some forever is luxury unneeded but for most a default of a few years as multipler wpuld help make the diff apparent.

Bit of a task actioning the OP if other service providers don’t have apito keep up qith changes.

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The users personal information should be listed among the costs.


I think a website showing this would be useful. Even just to compare other services as well.

I think it could be made dynamic:

You input how much data you want to store and for how long you want to store it (with forever as an option).

That information is used to populate a table with different services on one axis, and the prices etc. on the other.

The table could include things like privacy to point out the full value of safe (and other platforms).