Safecoin Wallet

is there development of a web wallet that users can have to access their safecoins?

i refer to the coin that is not the proxy coin using btc and msc protocols


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This is really one for MaidSafe to answer in any detail, but yes there will be a wallet in the MaidSafe apps at launch (and of course the beta).

Is someone working/planning to work on a HTML5 SAFEcoin web wallet?


Will there eventually be multiple wallets to choose from? If I have it right the users account balance is handled by the network and the wallet is just a pretty GUI for the user to look at?

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It’s open source so anyone can write a wallet, but who knows what people will build.

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I know @eblanshey recently started to work on safex with me; he is taking care of a web client; so that does mean sending safecoins on a web browser :wink:


I am about to trade some BTC for safecoin tonight for my first time. How do I store the safecoin? Sorry, no doubt this has been explained before :grimacing:


Have done a search and found these other threads:

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Im just not sure why Maidsafe would presell a coin that can’t be kept on it’s own wallet. Kind of annoying actually. Im torn between keeping them on my BTC wallet, keeping them in the exchange or withdrawing them into a BTC paper wallet…

How far off is the safecoin wallet?

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I’d certainly advice keeping them in a paper wallet as this way you are the sole owner of private keys and you keep them off line as oppose to a BTC wallet (you own the keys but they are kept on machine that goes online). Keeping them on an exchange is trusting third party they won’t scam you or they won’t get hacked.

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Does anyone know a realistic ETA for a SAFECOIN wallet? Cos that would be dandy.

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There won’t be a wallet specifically for MaidSafeCoins (the ones currently available through the MasterCoin protocol).

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I know this, but they will be xferd over to SAFE coin or whatever its going to be called right? So there will be a wallet for that as far as I have read, im just after an ETA.

There’s no ETA, SafeCoin is not implemented yet. There will be a wallet in a way, but it’s different because it won’t contain a private/public key pair since you authenticate on the network with a username + PIN + password to retrieve any encryption keys from the network itself when needed. So the “wallet” will be nothing more than an interface that communicates with the SAFE network.


HI, thanks.

And I assume the current proxy coin will be able to be withdrawn into that interface?

Do we have an idea of when this will all be available?

As I understand it, come launch of the network, we’ll be expected to send the MaidSafeCoins to a particular BTC address that MaidSafe will monitor and upon confirmation you’ll receive the real SafeCoins on the SAFE network. How this will work in detail I do not know.

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It would be good if someone from Maidsafe spoke up on this…

You are asking the usual “when will it launch” question here, so just recall or search for the responses. TLDR: There is no ETA for this. Next is testnet3 (my guess during May) that proceeds as long as needed through test apps, test farming/safecoin etc etc and at some point becomes beta/launch (ie what you are asking for). But when? Who knows. Putting times on that is pure speculation at this point for the reasons David and co have explained many times: no-one has built this before, and its hard. :smile:


David Irvine is “liking” my posts here, you can take that as confirmation. :wink:

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I get that. But its a two way process. Many have invested in the coin, many more want to and many more will so I think it’s only fair to be able to provide something for those people at least if anything to make them feel secure and that they made the right decision.

Just my 2 cents.

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We are working toward being able to be more definitive with the network roll out @goindeep. We have made exciting progress in this regard this week and I would ask that you bear with us over the next few weeks, things will become clearer. The use of Rust and changes in our management of the development process is really improving things here.


Got my first set of coin.

What do you reckon is safest way to hold onto them? Withdraw into BTC wallet?