SafeCoin in top ten crypto currencies even before launch

This seems staggering, here’s the top ten chart by market cap, though I’m not sure if they have correct figures. Anyone know?

Last week it was, circa $13M now


Yes, I fully expect it to overtake Namecoin for 9th position within a week or so. My prediction is that it will be 5th place within about 6 weeks, then overtake litecoin for number 2 spot by launch.
Any other predictions? Shall I start a book on it…lol. Maybe a sweepstake would be fun.
It only went down because of money leaving for Etherium, but that will definitely reverse once the associated publicity leads more and more people to look at Maidsafe.


you can check the marketcap of most cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap

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In order to overtake litecoin in market cap, safecoin will have to come to over 52 cents. I’m thinking that may be a bit much, even for a while after launch. At least till after the network is pretty firmly established.

However, taking the #3 slot would only take safecoin exchanging for 11 cents. That’s more believable. That would be an increase of about 5x over current value, and something like 6x over crowdsale pricing.

Once the network is pretty stable and can be shown to be usable and stable, and safecoin works as predicted, then we’ll see it begin appreciating.

But I’d be surprised to see it valuing at more than 5 cents for a while, even after launch, which would put it at about #6 in front of Dogecoin with a market cap of about $22,627,600. But I wouldn’t be upset to be surprised!!

Sorry, what I meant is I expect Litecoin to be more like $2 instead of $8 by lanch as its already been falling quite hard. This would bring prediction nearer to 13 cents for Safecoin. You may be right though, but I hope you are surprised!

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