Safecoin being traded on exchanges


im sort of curious about this… once the network goes life & safecoins are introduced, would these safecoins be able to be traded on exchanges like Poloniex ?



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You would be able to trade them, the exchanges only have to add SAFEcoin to their basket of coins. Your good question, goes deeper than my simple answer, because right now with the safe:// we have Thankscoin, but these coins can only be accessed on the SAFE network by logging in with your launcher. Maybe authenticator the new login process will make it easier to have Safe Network coins on clearnet exchanges.


Its simply a matter of the exchanges opening SAFEnetwork accounts and receiving coins to their wallets. Just like they do with bitcoin or any other alternative Blockchain or protocol on a blockchain (eg OMNI)

Its no problems


They already are. Assume new SAFE Coin will too, why not?

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Oh ok.
So say once the network goes live & safecoins are introduced, i’ll still be able to purchase these safecoins on an exchange like poloniex & use them in the network?

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Yes, or earn them by running a vault (ie farming).

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Thanks for the explanation.

Im going off topic here, but was wondering why i cant reply to comments on the price & trading topic?

I can’t either…

This is explained in the safecoin category and the topic itself

Ok, perfectly understandable :+1:

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what meaning This is explained in the #safecoin category and the topic itself