SAFE Drive mounter for Windows, Mac, Linux

I do want to see all of the safe apps mentioned, a more secure Facebook etc…

What would be great is to pay attention to the current existing apps… iTunes etc…

I would love to be able to “mount” my SAFE drive, and then either store my music, pics and other data… or even install my apps on to my SAFE drive.

This would create immediate large utility for existing services people use.

What do you think?


Join me in pleading with @anon71598723 to update his SAFE-VFS for the new API. It was awesome, or if Daniel hasn’t time to do it maybe somebody else can take it on. Any plans Daniel?


Coooome annnn! Ya know ya want too :wink: @anon71598723


[quote=“happybeing, post:2, topic:14629”]
maybe somebody else can take it on.
[/quote] :wink: maybe if its not too hard


As much as I am excited for playing with the new API, unfortunately, I can’t do it right now. :frowning: I’m too busy with work.

To make safe-vfs work again, it’s necessary to completely re-write the “ruby-safenet” lib using FFI bindings (“safe_client_libs”). As you may know, I wrote it in Ruby and the only Ruby lib available is outdated.

Right now the only updated libraries are NodeJS and Rust.

So, to make it work again, it will be necessary to:
a) update the Ruby lib; or
b) to write a new drive mounter from scratch using either nodeJS or Rust;

Or, in case you don’t want to use none of these languages (Ruby, NodeJS, Rust), you need to create/update a lib in your preferred language AND write a new drive mounter.


In case someone wants to update the Ruby library, here is updated Maidsafe’s FFI docs:
safe_core - Rust

This 0.24 version was generated 2 days ago, and (I believe) is updated with the new NFS changes:


Thanks @anon71598723 I hope somebody will be able to do this, it’s such an impressive and useful feature!


CEP maybe? Would be such a great addition to alpha 2.


I’ve had some ideas besides CEP for the frames project but it needs discussion first. If it works it’d be great to do the same for this mountable drive.


What are you thinking?

I’ll mull it over a bit more and pm you and a few other community members that I think would be interested and hopefully encourage others. It’s pretty basic you could probably guess it but I need to talk to others about how comfortable they would be with it, some essential details, and just play it out in the ol noggin. :slight_smile: