SAFE on the Router + NAS

This unit seems to be a step in the right direction for getting SAFE into the router. The word on this unit is that apps will become available to install on it from Synology and that it will also incorporate the companies NAS functionality.

So with apps and NAS, this is the type of box we need going forward…an always on farming rig.

Synology RT1900ac

Synology has been a leading company in its NAS storage and security surveillance solutions and in COMPUTEX 2015 this year, the company has decided to launch its very own router that combines their long time expertise in making NAS and the modern looking console user interface on their products.

Synology expects the RT1900ac to start selling in markets around August this year, if the company priced this correctly around the price of US$150-US$200, this could give major network product players a good run for their money and to be honest, that operating system is really worth paying.

The Synology RT1900ac has four gigabit LAN ports and one gigabit WAN port on the rear, it a single USB 3.0 port that allows users to connect a USB hard drive, and Synology’s advanced software is able to automatically convert its usage into NAS while offering its advanced software capabilities found on its NAS products. The router’s 802.11ac wireless performance is also very impressive, it features 3×3 MIMO beamforming antennas with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band support that is able to stream up to 1.9Gbps of bandwidth.

The real killer feature of Synology’s new router is the software, which most of us here initially thought it was running on some customized operating system until the Synology folks hit on the F11 button on the keyboard and boom – Google Chrome popped up.

The web based graphical software is Synology’s very own Synology Router Manager operating system, which is rebranded from the company’s NAS Diskstation Manager operating system and adds on router centric features, the OS features advanced parental controls, trace route, bandwidth control, traffic monitoring and you will also be able to install apps and extensions from Synology’s own app catalogue to expand the router’s capability.


I would love to make a wifi maidsafe hotspot…