SAFE network safety against quantum computing

Hey, first post here, but I was reading this blog post and the mention of quantum computing reminded me I wanted to ask this question:
How robust is the security of the SAFE network when attacked by a quantum computer?
I’m no cryptographicist, but as I understand it there are very few encryption schemes capable of standing up to a quantum-equipped attacker. So are the algorithms used by the SAFE network quantum-proof? If not, can they be swapped for quantum-proof ones after launch?


No, at the moment they are not in some areas. Self encrypting files are OK though, transport of RSA or EC algorithms are not at the moment.

Yes they can and pretty easily.

The main issue for folks to consider is what is quantum? There is speculation, but little evidence of success. A few years back there was apparently an 8 bit quantum walk (cannot remember the process used). The theories are kinda all over the place I feel, personally (can be dramatically argued though). Now we are not sure quantum is anywhere near close or even if the D wave stuff is even working to any significant degree etc. It could be though :wink:

Lattice asymmetric encryption is very promising, but still a little bit early, but should be quantum resistant.

Main thing is to be ready though and I feel we are :wink: .


Good article here. Makes one wonder…

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Fascinating! Thanks.

It could be that the observation does not change what is being observed, only the reference frame changing how it is observed. There are also higher fault tolerance ratios for quantum data transmissions due to cosmic rays interfering with the entanglement. I don’t trust this quantum encryption wizard hat stuff until the science is 100%.

As for quantum resistant algos currently available:
NTRU, which is in the lattice asymmetrical category seems to be a promising algorithm that can be employed, being released under the GPLv3 with defensive patent similar to MaidSafe.

There are issues with decryption failures with small key sizes in NTRU. Increase the key size, and the issues apparently disappear.

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