SAFE Network - Gangsta's Paradise?

Hello! Considering SAFE Network possibilities and andvantages - I think first who will use it are criminals. Just like Bitcoin get popularity on Silk Road, SAFE Network is just multiple times more useful than it for Darknet. Can this somehow discredit it? What do you think?

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99 percent of all drug deals are done on anonymous common roads and anonymous dollars. Evil is no reason to stop progress…


This topic has been discussed so many times on this forum. For further reading see below for just a few of the places where this conversation has already occurred:


That may be true. Also you could ask where does the responsibility lie, with the creators of web server software like Apache, with operating systems, with router manufacturers, with copper miners? All are required to create the Internet we have a love/hate relationship with. The argument may be true but it’s also inadequate because it shrugs off all responsibility in a seemingly high handed way, and also because it understimates just how this argument will be used by its enemies to attack the network. I don’t know what the best approach is (cop out I know!), but it’s one that requires some serious thought.


Thanks to progress now fewer children die from violence on the planet… Evil exists and the only way to reduce it is through progress. The SAFE network will increase progress…

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This will not be the case since criminals would not trust SAFE to be genuine or capable to protect them. Tor was around long before criminals used it too. It will take time before criminals will use it.

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