First pass impressions
Linux Mint 19.3

  1. the toolbar image is there but hardly visible… when hovered over it’s evidently there but without the hover it looks just a blank.

  2. the toorbar icons popup, doesn’t have a quit option

  3. the main element doesn’t have a frame that gives option to move it

  4. the main element options in the three dot dropdown, doesn’t have option to quit; so, the terminal ungraceful options then of Ctrl-C or other kill process are needed.

  5. the terminal shows nothing when trying to open the browser - and neither the Browser or the CLI opened as requested.


hey @davidpbrown thanks for diving in!

Some of these are known issues (1/2+4).

3 is intentional at the moment (if you go to settings you can change to ‘window’ mode).

5 sounds new so if you could fire in an issue over on github with the deets etc so this doesn’t get lost that’d be awesome :bowing_man: (


A better attempt on a clean install highlights some issues more clearly than this above.

See SAFE Network Dev Update - April 2, 2020 - #40 by davidpbrown

snapp CLI install sees ~/.bashrc is missing its export appended line

export PATH=$PATH:/home/davidpbrown/.safe/safe-cli
or similar.

and auth not installed etc.

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