Safe_launcher-0.1.0 CLI

Apologies if I have missed something. I have not spent any time attempting to debug this, so it may be sheer negligence on my part. Just wanted to post it for others to look at.

Launcher version: [Launcher is not running]
Demo app version: [NA]
Browser version: [NA]
Operating System: [Mac OS X 10.10.5]

Describe the bug with as much detail as possible:

Build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish…
failed to run custom build command for libsodium-sys v0.0.9
Process didn’t exit successfully: /Users/tndr/Developer/safe_launcher-0.1.0/target/debug/build/libsodium-sys-5e251a5fd6e1e22d/build-script-build (exit code: 101)
— stderr
thread ‘’ panicked at ‘called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: “\"pkg-config\" \"--libs\" \"--cflags\" \"libsodium\" did not exit successfully: exit code: 1\n— stdout\nPackage libsodium was not found in the pkg-config search path.\nPerhaps you should add the directory containing `libsodium.pc'\nto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable\nNo package 'libsodium' found\n”’, …/src/libcore/

What are the steps to reproduce the bug

  1. cargo build --features “use-mock-routing”
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Perhaps I was a bit too hasty. I did not precompile libsodium in accordance with the README.

I will do this and see if that resolves the issue.

As expected, following the README did clear up my initial error; however I now see this upon re-running

cargo build --features “use-mock-routing”

error: #[feature] may not be used on the stable release channel
/Users/tndr/.cargo/registry/src/ #![feature(fnbox, ip_addr, ip)]
error: aborting due to previous error
Could not compile crust.

The old Launcher is no longer supported - here is the best place to go now
I have also remove reference to it in the documentation - thank you hope this helps.

This sounds like you are using an (recently) old(ed) version of rust/cargo to build “crust”. Could you run

rustc --version
cargo --version

After updating Rust to 1.7 (where this feature was added) compiling crust / safe_ffi worked fine for me.