How to manage domains?

Currently, to attain a domain you must purchase it. There are certain domain extensions like .com and .org and they cant be spam purchased as they cost quite a bit. But in the SAFE network, you can make public IDs and they act as those .com and .org. What I’m wondering about is, whats to stop people from creating public IDs that are .com .net .org .xyz .google .tech .video since its is free to do these actions and once the ID is registered others can’t use it. All the good/rememberable/readable domains will be gone and any newcomers wishing to make their own website will have to use really long and obscure public IDs. Something like:


Is there some sort of solution to this or what? Will Public IDs cost money? Will there be a time limit?

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Names on SAFENetwork are not hierarchical. So, owning .com does not mean you have and too. That is probably an important point to digest.


so if someone owns the public ID of .com I can still make a website under the name of .com? So far, the only way I see of making a website is through the ‘Web Hosting Manager’ app. In it, you must make a public ID first then make a website under said ID and the website will look like websitename.publicid.

Also, when you try creating IDs that already exist like .com and stuff, it refuses and says that ID already exists. So how do I make a website of under the ID of .com when I don’t own the .com ID?

Basically you cannot. Maybe the owner of .com could share with you, but sharing keys is not good,

Basically forget domains and work with names. This is one of the differences with the safenetwork and removes the control by authorities which can deregister you at their whim.


There have been numerous discussions about this. Search for ‘squatting’: Search results for 'squatting' - Safe Network Forum

One important thing to consider is that the problem might not be as important as you think. The very fact that squatting is possible will devalue the existing names. Of course there will be a race to have names similar to the current DNS, but aside from that I think there is no point in squatting, or caring about squatting.

Another thing to consider is the solution where these global identifiers will not be used as much. You could identify by having your own nickname system. If I know you by your nickname ‘geek’ I could use ‘geek’ to refer to a more complex global identifier. Search for ‘petname system’ and ‘Zooko’s Triangle’ (a post in which I mentioned this in context of SAFE).


work with names? what does that mean?

Basically what it says.

Choose the name for your website and register it and then its yours forever and you can create safesites with that name and people go to your safesite using that name.

And what @bzee said

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ok but, there could be bots literally creating thousands of IDs such that 4 letter identifiers like ‘geek’ will be gone in no time. And when multiple users do that, short domains will be gone VERY quickly. the only domains/IDs left will be longish, like 10 digits-ish.


i see. but then those names are practically the new domain names? and people can make multiple names with bots :confused:

You’re misunderstanding me. This identifier would be my pet name for you. This is something that is subjective to me. I would have my own list of identities that I trust and care about that I can use to communicate with. This is not about global identifiers.

If that were to happen then the network will have recycled a lot of safecoin.

Its expensive to attempt to mass register 4^256 and 5^256 and 6^256 etc

Then others can simply go over to another registration system and all the names are available. Something like the pet name system could make all that mass registration meaningless.

All the name registration does is provide a link from your name to the ID for your website and anyone could design a registration system to do this. Even bookmarks in the browser will do this to some extent.


wait, registering WILL cost money? now that is great news because currently i just have to press the create new ID button and enter a still unused name and it registers it for me no money no nothing needed

Yea, this current test system is just an alpha network without any safecoin in it yet


oh goodie. i was actually worried. anyways im gonna read up on that pet name system because it sounds interesting. any resources/links besides Search results for 'squatting' - Safe Network Forum? or [RFC] Public Name System: Resolution and RDF - #119 by bzee - RFCs - Safe Dev Forum that @bzee provided?

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Just realize that it’s a completely separate solution. The global names issue itself is not resolved by it. It might serve as a good alternative if there is a good implementation and therefore renders the global name system inferior and irrelevant.

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oh… i see. Well i hope the global system thing is solved somehow down the line anyways… Thread closed i guess

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Yeah, but more or less in the rage of a few cents?! Or maybe even less cause it’s just an MD (or AppendableOnlyData or what ever the new name is), so you pay just for the stored bytes not for the “imaginary” value of the name itself.


IMO, there is still an opportunity for maidsafe foundation to pre-buy the top 100,000 names used as domains on the clear net. Not only would it stop cybersquatting, it would also help shield maidsafe from IP lawyers and provide a way to fund development.

Edit: To add, the market can handle the rest. First come, first serve and free. They can be traded on a market afterwards. It is just the initial seeding that concerns me.