SAFE Dev Builds (Alpha 2)

Easy SAFE Downloads

I made this site for my SAFE-FS devs primarily, as we get set up, but I thought it might help the community :slight_smile:

Because currently, certain builds are only in private Google Drive links, and some of the links are hard to access, such as web-hosting-manager mock builds and things like that. So it is hard to develop without these links provided here.

Everything is hosted in Google Drive so there shouldn’t be any downtime until SAFE takes over and Google goes out of business :slight_smile: So enjoy! Hope it helps

  • Will

Thanks Will, keep up the hard work!


dang, looks like an update was posted 2 seconds ago :stuck_out_tongue:

time to update this site again alreadyyyy (browser 0.8.0) lol

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Yeah these ants move at breakneck speed :stuck_out_tongue:

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