Ultimate Learning Site for SAFE Web App Devs

Hey guys I’m working on a little side project,

you can access it with the safe browser at safe://learnsjs.wom/

Looking to make the ultimate all-in-one tutorial site for getting new people into developing web-based apps for the SAFE Network. It’s been a great little project as I continue to work with safe-js for the safe-fs / appstore web versions. So far only the 1st section (auth) is complete)

As I work I always have the urge to bring the learning barrier down as far as I can for everyone else in the future, so the whole world can convert to SAFE as easily as possible and the most people can benefit from using and creating with it.

Here’s the github repo, very open for suggestions / PR’s on the newest features.


Note: you can only access it through SAFE right now (SAFE browser), which is on purpose so that the examples (auth popup in launcher, etc) can function correctly

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Nice idea! @ could the Admin get rid of this archaic 20 character limit, it seems ridiculous to have to type such long winded replies about walking in nature and visiting the parents and taking tea etc just to fill out 20 characters…


Sorry I get

for safe://learnsjs.wom/

using Beaker 0.4.2

Is it working for others?

Hmm I’ve been testing it frequently, I usually only get that error if I don’t have the launcher running (which is still a requirement until authenticator gets built in to the browser)

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Nah, the launcher is definitely running - v0.8.0

Very frustrating, I really want to get tore into this - and also point a couple of other MAID-newbie devs at it as well.

I’m on Alpha Launcher 0.9.3, and SAFE Browser 0.4.0,

and other than that not sure what to tell you, working for me nonstop the past few days:


did that get it working for you? using the newer launcher / older browser?

I would like to know if you get it fixed so I can make sure it doesn’t happen for anyone else

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hmmm - here with ubuntu 16.04 lts 64bit it works

give me some moments to understand how this works

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I’m still trying to understand one thing, is safe-js build in the browser? or is it stand-alone, like node js?

it’s in the browser. You call its function through window.safeAuth etc.

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Hey can anyone confirm if my site is working for them in the SAFE Browser yet? because it looks fine on my end but a few people have been having problems (css etc)

this is a clearnet version of what it should look like on SAFE

I guess this project is like the logical evolution of APP ZERO into a complete tutorial website

Sorry had to go out and do stuff in Real World.

yes it works fine when I used the latest launcher 0.10.0 - I had an old symlink that pointed to 0.8 that I forgot to modify when I grabbed the latest launcher.
Sorry to bother you - now raring to get tore in.

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I can’t get it to work in the latest version of Peruse - get this error:
Requested public name is not found

That is because this is the alpha 2 network that is running at the moment and that site was for a previous test network.

Look here for available safe sites on the alpha 2 network