SAFE Crossroads Podcast Ep03, Simpleton meets Ernest Hancock

Hi All,

Recently I was invited on Declare Your Independence, with Ernest Hancock.
This podcast is a replay of that. Ernie can be a wild one to interview with, but we had fun and reached out. Hope you enjoy and find it useful.

Hey team, let me know if I got anything wrong!!


Now I know what I am doing this evening :slight_smile:


I heard this broadcast last week and you did a great job! You were very articulate and you represented this project well. I love Ernie’s show and listen to him everyday. He gets it! I am looking forward to seeing him on this forum if he follows through with checking it out.


For me personally, Ernie is very hard to listen to. He rarely speaks a point clearly or even completes a sentence and often steps on his guest with outro music after just asking an in depth question. But! @fergish had a presence that made the program worth listening to so congrats on representing the project quite well and keep up the great work! The service you’re providing is an admirable one :smile: cheers


Thanks. Nigel.

Yes, Ernie can be pretty tough to interact with, but it’s largely enthusiasm, and juggling a lot of different stuff in his head, and requirements of doing live radio.

If you listen to him for a while, those incomplete sentences start to make a lot more sense than you’d believe, as they’re chock full of references and combinations of references that are pretty inciteful and sometimes down hillariously so, and probably couldn’t be communicated in any other way. He’s got 25 years of experience in “uncovering the secrets and exposing the lies,” as one of his bylines says, and he has deeper insight than you’d think.

An acquired taste, though frustrating to new listeners. And hard on interviewees, I can tell you. I know of at least a couple people I respect highly who probably won’t do repeat appearances after going through the mill. A shame, but oh, well. Ernie is an asset, nonetheless.


You held your own and stayed cool so props to ya! I listen to Brian Sovryn every week being that’s he’s usually quite logical, insightful, and entertaining and heard you mention him a couple of times I believe. Have you thought of reaching out to him? Possibly be interviewed by him or interviewing him on what ramifications the safe network could have on freedom etc? He regularly name drops maidsafe which is great. I’m waiting for him to do a dedicated episode after beta release (Brian if you read this, wink wink) I’ll be patiently awaiting your next podcast!


Yeah, I listen to Brian fairly regularly, too. I know he’s heard the podcast and is a follower on Soundcloud. Don’t know what he’s listened to. Good idea to reach out to him, though. Or maybe you should since I’m modest. :blush:


Haha deal, between two modest dudes. Should include Brian too because he’s modest enough to follow a fresh (though very well executed) podcast. So three modest dudes.

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Tell me about it…it’s been the bane of my life, being all shy and retiring and reticent to say what I really think… :smiley:…whaaat?
That Bryan guy sounds like a good idea.


@fergish Has anyone ever told you you sound exactly like some celebrity? It seems to me that you sound exactly like a celebrity, but I can’t figure out which one…

Hm . . . Can’t think of anyone. But WAIT, now that I’ve “been on the radio” I AM famous! :wink: