SAFE Crossroads Podcast #55, Real Vaults Phase 1, with Nikita Baksalyar and Lionel Faber

Sorry for the delay. We did the interview last Friday, but life happens. Here you go.

Thanks @nbaksalyar and @lionel.faber for shepherding me through this.


Have to say there are some really good sound bites in there that are worth extracting! I’ll look into that. @nbaksalyar your interviewee style has become very smooth and you and @lionel.faber had such succinct explanations. Have to say too that you can always tell when someone is smiling on the other end of a conversation and it always puts a grin on my face, so thank you @lionel.faber for that :slightly_smiling_face:

Killer interview John. That theme song ain’t too bad either :wink:


Another excellent podcast @fergish @nbaksalyar @lionel.faber you are all very good at explaining. Thank you very much!

This is a really good summary of where we are both under the hood and in terms of features and functions, and what is coming up. A very useful resource, ideal for sharing and helping anyone get up to speed fast.


@fergish great podcast
:vulcan_salute:@lionel.faber @nbaksalyar :exploding_head:

Maybe you want to check this out

As creator you can create your token, people can buy it and you offer them exclusive content. Hmmmmm it’s not like Patreon, it’s beyond that…



Thanks, @19eddyjohn75!

I’ll check it out in detail.

Hm. What sort of “exclusive content” would be desirable? I’ll think about that. Sounds like fun.

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:joy: I’m probably the wrong person to answer that, because all content you brought out was “exclusive content” to me. Keep up the good work.



Thanks so much @fergish
It was nice having another chat with you!

And I’m glad I could help a little with the explanations as well :slight_smile:


One for the commute home - I look forward to it! :slight_smile:


It’s pretty simple, creators need a minimum of $10k BNT (Bancor token) and x amount of own their token, this also sets the price of their token.

To be honest @fergish is to think about it, but on the SAFE Network. Let’s say you have 1000SAFE and x amount of your own token, then your basically staking SAFE to give value to your token. Hedging within a proof of resource economy, is “economic reality”. This is an unrealistic economy, with some special kids in GOD mode :joy:

In time you’ll find that most wealth if not staked in SAFE will become zilch imho. bitcoin takes on banking, the SAFE network takes on the whole economy.