SAFE Crossroads Podcast #20 | SAFE School, Class III, Deep and Wide

SAFE Network School, Class III, Deep and Wide

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In Class III of the SAFE Network School we break down some of the underlying computer technology needed to get a better grip on why the SAFE Network can do what it is designed to do. We take a closer look at the Vault structure and get an understanding of what a distributed hash table is about, and much more. Find out what David Irvine has to say about how to go about understanding the technology of the SAFE Network, from his years of experience telling others about it.

Come along as we start to peel apart the “secrets” of how the SAFE Network is designed and why it is so powerful. There are no secrets, actually. It just takes a little patience, perhaps some repetition. But it’s worth it!

Unless you are already quite familiar with the SAFE Network, technically, it is recommended that you listen to the other Classes in this series first. Reading and following along with the SAFE Network Wiki (linked below) is also a great idea.

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Music for this episode: *Arrival,* original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


SAFE Network Wiki

SAFE Network Glossary

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Been away for a few days in London, just got around to listening again. Nice one once more @fergish I hope folk appreciate the time this takes, it’s a great resource now we can point people to it, that want an overview of the system while they are pottering around. Should be a great help.


Thanks, David. That means a lot.

I know I’m getting a lot out of the process of prep and presentation, so will keep doing it till the basics are covered.

But I do hope that others find them useful, and will give me feedback if they do (or don’t, actually :sunglasses:) .

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I am working on catching up on these “Classes” podcasts, but I just wanted to let you know that while all of the other topics for your podcasts are tagged “safecrossroads”, this one is tagged “SAFE Crossroads”. Just means I had to search a little deeper for it is all!

Fixed, I think.


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