SAFE Crossroads Podcast #19 | SAFE Network School, Class Two, Going Deeper

SAFE Network School, Class Two, Going Deeper

In This Episode

Class Two of the SAFE Network School takes us deeper. We probe down and start to pull apart the great intricacy of the SAFE Network by closely examining the key elements that make it work. But not too fast or overwhelmingly. You’ll be surprised how understandable it is when guided by a Simpleton who has already done most of the brain-warping exploration, so that you don’t have to warp YOUR head so much.

Come along as we start to peel apart the “secrets” of how the SAFE Network is designed and why it is so powerful. There are no secrets, actually. It just takes a little patience, perhaps some repetition. But it’s worth it!

Since the SAFE Network is being built on a very different combination of fundamentals than has ever been used before and because it is so intricate, it’s not possible to just wade in and get a full picture of it without some work. This is especially true because the network is still in development and so can’t be used and learned by experience, either.

Your host and others have been expending a lot of effort behind the scenes to improve the documentation and make it more accessible to everyone. That project is very far from satisfactorily complete, but good progress has been made.

I am also aware that there are a lot of people like myself who have the time to listen, but not to sit down and study. Also a lot of people learn best be audio input.

As we go forward, these School podcasts will not stand alone very well. Understanding of later ones will depend on earlier information and insights. But that’s okay. It’s the only way to go deeper.

I also see this approach making listener participation much more inviting. I look forward to feedback, questions and other input, and will do my best to integrate everything into a great experience for all.

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads, original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

Show Notes

SAFE Network Wiki

SAFE Network Glossary

Self-Encrypting Whitepaper

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I’m loving safe network school, sometimes I make Siri read me documentation for enjoyment but this is Sooooo much better :smile:


Glad to know I do a better job than Siri. :wink:

By the way, want to make a special SAFE School theme music?


You’ve got me pegged! Just sold my old interface and am getting a new one in a week or two so I hope it’s not too much of a wait. Tell me what style you’d like etc and I’ll deliver :smile: always fun to make some new music


Brave brave man @fergish really well done. I used to do whiteboard presentations of the whole thing in the early days (spent all my time doing that for about 4-5 years actually) and it took 4 hours each time. It’s a huge concept because unlike normal inventions/discoveries etc. it’s not an incremental change.

There are many inventions/discoveries that rely on other new things below this, so several layers of invention. The difficulty is showing people, “here is a neat trick”, ask them to remember it, then doing that several times and at the end pulling it all together and stepping back.

People used to tell me they followed the sessions on those whiteboards perfectly well and were captivated, but within a few yards from the office they were saying “what did I just see?” and could not recall any detail, just a good feeling (they all invested, 100% of them, although we turned some down). So very like Feynman lectures, captivating but too much info at one time.

So these sessions you are doing will hopefully be better as they are bite size, lets hope so. I suspect your accent works better than mine though :slight_smile: Anyhoo nice one again John and thank you very much for all this work, it’s humbling indeed.


Thanks, David.

This is a great read, quite aside from the praise. Hope you don’t mind if I feature it (at least in part) as an aside in my next Class. :sunglasses:

As to the work: I couldn’t help myself if I wanted to. It IS work, but it’s stimulating and I’m having fun.