SAFE Community Money Quiz (Win 100 Maidsafecoins)

Times = hard, that’s why I’ve become a counterfeiter. To be more exact, I’m counterfeiting the Zimbabwe dollar. You don’t know NOTHING about money, until your sold a FAKE 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars. Whoever can find the 6 mistakes I made first will win 100 Maidsafecoins. Let’s see if you knowtice the differences between “real” and “bullshit” currency.



Hmmmm pay out of the 100 Maidsafecoins will take place on may second 2016? Why then? because we’ll be living in more exciting times then…

This is in no an attempt to ridicule or offend the Zimbabwean national currency/people, it’s just done in the spirit of fun and to let it sink in how valuable SAFEcoins will be for humanity. Servers like national currency are centralized blablabla…

May the best woman win (Whoa man aren’t you suppose to say “man or woman”? Whatever man) :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, 5afemoney, pay the bear, pooing buffalo, 3XXX, and no golden whatever it is above the serial no.


My shot on this:

reserve = server
bearer = bear
harare = hahaha
aa3905431 = 5afemoney (with greek? symbols)
logo above 5 down right = missing
5 dots (poo?) on cows’ tale (watermark on the right) added
4 squares with crosses in a row = 3 squares with crosses in a row (on the right)



Shall we share the loot ? :smiley:

ahh too late. You guys are the rightful winners.

Wow that was quick

Beekeeper wins 100 Maidsafecoin

I got to admit, it’s funny that knobody knowticed, the “server bank of zimbabwe”

This is actually a Bull shitting

I’m in a good mood so you win second price 50 Maidsafecoins

You can still win the third price if you write down all 6 mistakes LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uhmm… I think I did… And my list contains 7(!) mistakes/changes lol


Woosh! Seems like I missed that one, joint first place is better. Share the loot :slight_smile:


Wow dude you picked up every mistake
You win 150 Maidsafecoin and your the official winner of this quiz.

Case closed unless @etr shows up :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hurray! I can’t even remember the last time I won a prize! Awesome, thanks! :sunglasses:

I’ll PM you my wallet address when this contest is closed, OK?

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Do I still win? :bee:

I think Beekeeper earned it !


You had 6 correct answer of course you still win.

More important to me personally is that you said this:

With that comment you also win the third price in my book, you’ll get 125 Maidsafecoins and @MyLegacyKit will get 150 Maidsafecoins. We’re all winners in this community, but Mylegacykit looked beyond the 6 mistakes and that’s a very important lesson to us all. Let’s always try to look beyond what is being stated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! That’s like 1 Quadrillion Zim Dollars. You’re very generous this morning sir :slight_smile:
Do we already have any charities that accept MAID?

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How about we crowdfund a nice lunch for the people in Troon ? :smiley:


That’s a good idea! Let’s do this

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They’re probably so busy they won’t see it coming.
Which senior member can setup a fund address on omniwallet where we can deposit some money ?

The price money will be paid out tonight (yeah I lied), but who wants to wait for their Maidsafecoin?

I’m always in on this one

Maybe make a new topic for this? I’ll put in ‘my’ prize money (thanks Eddie!) and gladly throw in something extra. Wouldn’t mind setting this up and handing over the private key in person to David in next week’s meetup in London. But I’m more of a lurker on here, so maybe it’d be better to ask a trusted member to set up an address like you suggested.