Getting started with building safe applications?

Hey folks.

Making the presumption we will have a live network into the new year, any advice on potential stacks on how to fire up simple front ends for common applications on safe? Maybe a reference application or two?

Over the years this has changed I guess but what’s the recommended way to do this now? Maybe in should have trawled through documentation or things people working on… Maybe someone has a straight answer make life easier.


EDIT: Forgot other dev site existed, deff needs merged into one. The link for API docs seems down - - Updated references would be appreciated.


There are no API docs for the current test networks but they will be being provided. You can though look at the code, particularly how the CLI works to get a good idea of the API and there are some examples in the github.

The big unknown is whether there will be a browser. I think almost certainly not, so you should focus on native and cross platform ‘stacks’ until that changes.

Which stack depends on your application, but personally I would go for something like Tauri for web GUI and Rust backend. I’d choose SvelteKit for the frontend, but Tauri should work with any web framework.

If you don’t need cross platform you’ll have more options though.


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