Rust 101: Interactive Rust Tutorial

Rust Interactive Tutorial

I’ve not tried this but it looks good. If you check it out, please add a bit of feedback here for others.

Rust IDE

UPDATE: Eclipse IDE with interactive debugger working with safe_client “self_authentication” example! :smile:

Also, if anyone is looking for an IDE (interactive development environment) I have RustDT working in Eclipse and I have got it working with a maidsafe crate - just safe_client example “self_authentication” tried so far (see screenshot below).

To try it yourself, get the latest Eclipse (make sure you have Java v8 first though - needed by RustDT). I used the Eclipse PHP build because it has HTML/CSS/Javascript and PHP support, but you can use RustDT with any on the Eclipse options.


Screenshot - Debugging safe_client example: self_authentication


@happybeing Thank you for this! It is certainly a great tutorial and introduced me to many concepts that were previously foreign to me. I’ve only dabbled in bash scripting and python so far and wanted to learn a lower language like C/C++ and this got me some really good exposure to Rust.

I have to say though reading the official rust book’s syntax and semantic’s section definitely helped me understand how everything worked, but this provided a working example of how it all fit together.

Next I’m going to RosettaCode to see some other examples, and Daily Programmer to see if I can hack some things together.

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I’m a PyCharm user mostly, it has a Rust plugin.

I’m very optimistic about the synergy between Python and Rust - see this video from one of the PyCharm devs:

Dmitry Trofimov - Can Rust make Python shine?

Dan Callahan - My Python’s a little Rust-y

and don’t forget my favorite little editor, Kate, has Rust syntax highlighting:

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Funny cartoon about rust made front page of reddit today: