Rust 1.0 Launch Party

Date and time: Friday, May 15, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: Bitcoin Embassy (3489 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)

Meetup page:

MaidSafe has recently been rewriting all C++ code into Rust (check out the weekly dev updates for more info, e.g. MaidSafe Dev Update 4th May 2015).

Rust is a systems programming language that is fast, memory safe and multithreaded, but does not employ a garbage collector or otherwise impose significant runtime overhead.

The first stable release of Rust is this month and it’s being celebrated globally.

There is currently no Rust meetup group in Montreal so I will be organizing this meetup as part of Project SAFE: Montreal.


Please contact me if you would like to present a Rust library or something related to Rust (for example, it would be really nice to have someone present a short introduction to Rust) and I’ll add your talk to the list of topics.


5:30 PM - 6:15 PM Arrive early and meet other Rust and SAFE Network enthusiasts. We will be on the first floor this time.

6:15 PM We will order a bunch of sandwiches from Centrale Bergham next door and have them delivered at the Bitcoin Embassy.

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM We will be eating and talking. If you missed the order, you’re on your own for dinner :slight_smile:

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Get your laptop ready, we will be playing around with Rust and doing the other things mentioned in the list of topics. There might also be short 5 minute lightning talks about anything Rust related (contact me if you want to give one).

9:00 PM End of the meetup. Those who want to continue talking can go to a pub nearby like last time (e.g. McKibbins).


Bitcoin Embassy


Where can I donate?

  • Keep up this good work Monsieur
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Thank you @19eddyjohn75 :smiley:

SAFE Pod Montreal (which doesn’t really exist at this point) currently accepts donations in BTC and Maid. You can find on this donate page.

So basically what it means is that I’ll use the money for the expenses I have related to Project SAFE (producing content, organizing events, etc.).

Hi @frabrunelle

I just send you something that looks like 10 euro’s

Dude I’m not sending any MaidSafeCoins “They are my precious”

You want a Maid? Here you got a Maid son

Keep up the good work and sorry for my silliness


This meetup was basically an experiment to test the level of interest and the size of the Rust community in Montreal.

When I saw that @ioptio was speaking at the Rust 1.0 Launch Party in San Francisco (btw you can watch her short presentation here starting at 29:15), I thought this would be an excellent date for me to organize a meetup for Project SAFE: Montreal. I wanted to meet other Rust enthusiasts and talk to them about the SAFE Network and the fact that the codebase was recently migrated from C++ to Rust.

I only had a week to plan and promote the meetup, but I was really excited about Rust 1.0 and decided to do it anyways.

As I mentioned previously, there is currently no Rust meetup group in Montreal and so I reached out to a bunch of communities to try to find people who wanted to celebrate the 1.0 release of Rust and also to find people who wanted to present something about Rust.

I personally have very little knowledge of Rust at this point (although I do intend to dive into Rust in the upcoming weeks!) and so I wasn’t in a position to do a talk myself. I also don’t really like to give talks in their first place (I prefer having a good speaker such as @erick present while I focus on the logistics and promotion of the event).

The day of the event arrived and I still hadn’t found any speakers. I didn’t expect it would be that hard and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I was very lucky that (Theo Belaire), who arrived at the meetup at 5:45, had 1 month of experience with Rust and was willing to do his best to prepare a talk at the last minute :stuck_out_tongue:

At 6:00, the rest of the attendees started arriving. I was expecting to meet a few more Rust enthusiasts, but most of the people who attended were completely new to Rust. I concluded that Theo would be the only speaker.

At 6:30, we ordered a bunch of sandwiches from a restaurant next door. I showed an introduction video to the SAFE Network and answered questions while we were waiting for the food to arrive.

At 7:10, when pretty much everyone had finished eating, Theo started presenting Rust using a set of slides he got from asking a question on the /r/rust subreddit.

@toomim seemed to enjoy the presentation very much and he was frequently asking questions to Theo and discussing with him.

I didn’t listened to the whole presentation because I was having conversations with the people who had to leave early.

At some point I started taking a few pictures. Shortly after that, the presentation ended.

Discussions lasted until about 9:00. We then took a group photo with the people who were still there.

Overall, it was an okay meetup. It could have been better, but at least we were there on May 15 with all the other worlwide meetups to celebrate Rust 1.0!

Happy Rust 1.0 everyone!!!

Conclusion: I’ll wait until I have a good grasp of Rust before organizing another meetup on it :smiley:

And hopefully a Rust Montreal meetup group will form itself soon :smile:


Fantastic @frabrunelle, you are an inspiration. I would never dare wing it like this and to me what you achieved was thoroughly worthwhile. Well done :smile: Lovely to read and see the pics. Keep doing what you do!


There is an Indiegogo project to learn people Rust check it out:

Rust Programming Concepts Book


Thanks for sharing. I loved reading your post and seeing the pictures. I will send some MAID your way. You are definitely more brave than I. Still waiting for confirmation…ahh can’t wait for instant SAFEcoin transactions.

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