Routers for advanced setups

What did you get? my new router is sadly not performing nearly as well as I expected.
That’s why they call this testing I guess.

3rd times a charm, I love the Amazon try it out and if you don’t like it send it back policy :rofl:

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What was the problem?

I tried disabling intrusion detection to save cpu cycles but that also disabled traffic shaping resulting in an outage.

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CPU is fine rarely over 30%, RAM is fine too, loads to spare.

But it keeps collapsing under the session load, they say ~1million that dynamically adjusts if needed. When I get to ~700k it goes to hell, it drops 3/4 of the connections then builds up again, wash rinse, repeat.


I got the rb5009 neo on discord said i should be able to run up to 500 nodes with it but i cant get it to give me internet with my isp gateway in bridge mode

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It is a bit of a learning curve, did you follow the initial setup on the Mikrotik website?

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Interesting. I am upgrading ISP bandwidth and router this week and report back if I can beat 700 nodes. I am also splitting my multi homed setup into family only and autonomi only.

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Yeah my new scheme is getting 5 statics, 4 of the rb5009’s for the same price as the ccr2116 (bit less). The family gets a dedicated bit of bandwidth on 1 ip and the other 4 ips go to the rb5009’s so I essentially have 5 separate networks.
My hope is that spreading the load that way will get better results.


Wouldn’t a software router like pfsense work better for your situation ?

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Not really familiar with it. Will investigate tonight before I take the plunge.

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There are a few ways to set this up. One option is to use the rb5009 as the main router and connect ethernet from the ONT to ether1 and then connect the ISP router to one of the rb5009 bridge ports (ex ether2) if you need it for wifi. internet > ONT > rb5009 > isp router bridge mode
As @Josh mentioned, the mikrotik website has a good getting started page for routerOS. That was enough to get me connected with minimal configurations. I am still experimenting with firewall rules and NAT. routerOS has sooooo many options.


i was watching yt videos that random peopel were making i havent looked at the official ones yet but will get to it just wasnt sure if thats the info i needed for bridge mode.

Ok thanks for the info but quick question the ont is used for fiber cables only? Because i have a coaxial coming into my isp modem

Does your ISP use the MAC address to identify you connection. In the past mine did before the NBN was built. So the router would need the MAC address spoofed to it. The ISP should be able to tell you if that is what is needed, or they can change the MAC address needed to the one for your router.

Anyhow I have yet to work on mine. Timing and household needs to give me time

I just checked with my isp and they told me the same mac address as the one I see on winup

oh an also Im looking at the mikrotik website and the rb5009 doesn’t look like it has wifi abilites is that correct?


Ah ok could that be the reason it stops working in bridge mode? And also is there any signifgant difference of antennas omthey sell or will any1 do?

Depending on your needs/wants for wifi performance will drive your selection of an access point (wifi box).

If its just playing youtube vids on your phone then a cheap tp-link wifi router (or access point) will be all you need. In the tp-link wifi router you can set no routing no DHCP server and just wifi - there will be guides and I think its in the instructions anyhow.

But if wanting high speed or long range then you can go for a more expensive model and online reviews from a real review site will help guide you to a good one to choose

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Depends on priorities. With powerful enough PC you can definitely do that, but you will end up with bigger box with bigger power consumption.

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I am thinking of trying to setup the MikroTik hAP ax3 coming days, have a few questions.

Can I go with the default configuration and just do some changes, password change, hardening, allow VPN traffic and such?

Is it possible to make the change quick, stop -restart nodes or better to stop, remove and start from scratch?

I watched a youtube guide that recommended setting up the router from scratch, choosing Wlan port and bridging to the orher lan ports and such, to learn how the router works, but I just need it to work at this stage it feels like.

Any tips on changes that are good practice to do from the start, Firewall or other?