RFC0056 SectionProofBlock Enhancements

From RFC0056:

A simple enhancement would be to include section health in an SectionProofBlock

I believe there are potentially more things that could be included, either in the definition of “section health” or otherwise, in these BLS key update messages between sections.

What are the thoughts on keeping this an open slot for various inter-section data sharing that could come up? Are you (designers of these parts of the system) open to the idea, do you have strong objections to it, or some other inclination?

I have a use case already, somewhat connected to “section health”, but wonder what the sentiment is here. (We’re talking information in the size of 32 bit integers.)


You have hit on a very big issue. The BLS sig is a tiny part of the bigger picture. Safeoin farmed, data held and much more is now a reality. This all leads to section recovery, or increased security as well. This is a powerful cross network measure that we can make much more use of for sure.

I should have said sentiment here is launch basics and then consider all options.


Yep, exactly, this is what I’m thinking of.

Super, what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:

Just so it wasnt “launch basics, and then you’d have to think of something else for that idea because x or y”.


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