Revenue models and app design

Been thinking about potential approaches for content on the SAFE network:

  • Static sites: we know that DB-backed sites probably won’t work too well. On the other hand static sites seem trivial to duplicate (rip-off). Any ideas on how to create a native SAFE Web site that can’t be ripped off in minutes?

  • Authorization: if SAFE network content is “proxied” by a traditional Web site, then it’s possible to use the traditional approach that doesn’t have to be SAFE-aware. I understand that the SAFE network has ID’s and all that, but how does one prevent some SAFE IDs from accessing his content and allow others? Is that going to be all-or-nothing (no membership tiers)?

  • Revenue models: I understand farmers get paid for storing and serving content. How is the rest going to work? This is related to the previous question about tiers. Will sites only be able to charge for all-you-can-eat or nothing (with some free trial)?.

  • Social networking: how are forums and comments going to work on the SAFE network? It seems social networking and communities will not exist until at least a few months after the launch.

If some necessary elements are missing, it seems that most apps that make use of the SAFE network will initially proxy it and only later implement it natively… Of course exceptions apply.

Alot of this just got answered in the post about the SAFEspace browser project

Might be worth checking out

Dynamic sites have to work. With node.js api wrappers we can make them happen.

Here is the link to SAFEbrowser post

@whiteoutmashups and @chadrickm thanks for the pointers.

SAFEspace browser seems like an idea/concept at this stage.
If the network goes live 4 months from now other approaches may be necessary to fill the gap.