Request for a beta app to help test nodes are connecting

If your node is going through a relay that means it cannot be directly contacted thats why its using a relay

And so trying to see if that node is working is not capable via that method since the relay is used instead to connect to other nodes first. Thus you do not check that node. Its in the logs for the client. That is what I was saying

Yes if you are using port forwarding then this method will as far as I can tell be connecting to your node first.


Sorry, @neo for not clarifying this point.
No, the peerId is a libp2p construt. XorName as we use it is a maidsafe construct.

We often feed our xorname into the address system of libp2p, (to decide how close it is to peers), but a peer’s xorname is not the peer id.


Thankd for clarifying, seems I wasn’t the only longtermer confused by this.
Can we get this in FAQ or other documentation in due course?