Questions testnets may be able to answer

How/if it will work over Carrier-grade NAT which pretty much all the ISP’s use around these parts… not possible to configure by the user.

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IPv6 is the best answer here. It is spreading slowly, but it is the future of networking. If your ISP is lazy and doesnt support IPv6 yet, you can have tunelled IPv6 connectivity from


Just signed up for this – it’s free :slight_smile:

Now to see what specifically we need to change so make best use of IPv6 in the SAFE context

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I agree IPv6 is the answer, has been for a decade or so now. Unfortunately we are still waiting and meanwhile an ever increasing number of ISPs are turning to Carrier-grade NAT in the interim. I opted out but the average user will not and like I mentioned pretty much all the major ISPs in this country are using it now.

I would not use that if I was you. You can’t tell from Wikipedia as usual with these kinds of stories, but the FBI investigation in the centre of a shadowy web of spying intrigue is not called “Crossfire Hurricane” for nothing. Hurrican Electric LLC just happens to be the company running that tunnel broker service.

That means your the “product”, at best. There was a report floating around about how the majority of even subscription based VPN providers are little more than shell companies to spy on your traffic.


I wouldnt be concerned about that, it is wiretapped in the same way as any other common way you can use to connect to the internet. Standard ISPs, mobile phone operators, everything is wiretapped in most countries. Paid VPN is mostly paying for being spied on from somebody else. Only difference is which government/agency gets the data first and how they share it with others.
For example here in Czech Republic every phone or internet provider has to store all comunication metadata (comunicating parties, times, names/addresses, location,…) for at least 6 months. That is the official part, I am sure there is lot more going behind the scenes, not only from government actors, but also from big companies.
I dont like to be this resigned, but all this almost doesnt matter, because Google, Facebook, your Antivirus company and some others already know much more about us than 3-letter agencies, and all these agencies have to do to get the data, is ask nicely (with money).

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Following on from thought about economics…

I wonder what options there are for a simple boot of the network, relative to what is known, rather than some discontinuity that risks everything. Discontinuities tend to step up harmonics that flux up and down widely at times. I’d rather deal with an exponential than a harmonic… as I wonder the volume under the curve of a harmonic is dampened by those anxious about the volatility in price and rewards.

Just a thought but one option, for example might be to start to network as mutable data only, if that is cheaper and less risk adverse, and perhaps less valuable?.. give farmers time to settle in and then introduce features like immutable in step changes relative to what is known.

I don’t know if testnets will be also opportunity to flesh out interfaces - would be good to see that management of multiple identities is made simple. Different identities in different contexts might be important to some for management of privacy. How identity is apparent in switches between applications perhaps something to think about…


How is the security model working and explained?

I’m expecting some debates with the wider cryptoscene in regards to the security model and general functionality of Safe Network. If I remember right, some prominent names have deemed Safe Network as an impossible task in the past, and I expect them to defenend or change their position when our testnets are public and evolving.

At the moment is seems to me that there are some unresolved questions (for example key selling attacks) and I expect these debates to bring many questions up and in the end help solving them.

I also feel that the security model of Safe Network is at the moment somewhat difficult to understand, as it is a work in progress and there are so many layers. From my point of view it doesn’t seem to be a single, water tight membarne, but rather a series of measures in a way of: It is quite diffcult to attack this way, but possible in these kind of circumstances, but even in the case of successful attack the attacker cannot do more than that, except if… I hope that we end up with something that is easy enough to understand so that general public can find it trustworthy.


Not strictly a question testnet may answer, but I’m wondering how many members this community has, that don’t follow this forum on a daily / weekly / monthly basis, or at all? But who nevertheless would be delighted to see testnet emerging.

My guess is, that there are quite many dormant members, who would welcome an reach out by email once the testnet is in proper condition.