Questions in regards to Maidsafe/Safecoin

Hi, I was hoping this was something easy to answer.

Can Maidsafe project succeed without maidsafe/safe coin being intrigal to success? It seems like the only way to invest in anything related to this project is the currency. However, the currency is not the same as buying a stock of the company. What Im concerned is i am pouring my monies into maidsafe coin, but I am worried that the safecoin will not scale as the project becomes mainstream. Is that a possibility? Thanks in advance

Not really you can create or have your own project created on the SAFE Network or invest in SAFE Network specific projects.

Everything scales as it becomes mainstream, because there are always parties who are interested in solving problems that can give them socialcredit or make them money. Crypto projects are all young and scaling is one of their main problems at the moment, but of all projects out there the SAFE Network imho is the total package without a middleman.


Yes it will scale. Actually get faster as the network grows with more nodes to handle the load

There will always be 4 billion potential coin addresses.

So in the early stages with <100K nodes there will be around 3000 groups handling 4 billion addresses. That is around 1.3 million coin addresses per group.

When the network has 1 million nodes that will be around 130K coin addresses being handles by each group

When the network is getting bigger with 10 million nodes there is only 13K addresses handles by each group.

So from this you can see that the load per group reduces as network activity increases (node count as an indicator) when handling safecoin operations.


SAFEcoin will be what provides people the incentive to supply resources to the network. It is similar to Bitcoins providing people incentive to mine blocks of transactions. The incentives are key to the health and growth of the network.